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11/07/08 replay of 12/21/07 Best of NONcast '07, part 2

We had a transformer blow outside of our building Thursday, so here is an encore presentation. Poor editor boy had to move his computer and finish the magazine elsewhere. NONzine doesn't get to rely on encore presentations for back up...but he got it in, good job editor boy.

10/31/08 Take Thy Beak from Out My Heart

"The Raven" part 1
Rainbows Are Free - "Are You Dead?"
Dirtfoot - "Devil Don't Care" (middle sample is my doing)
"The Raven" part 2
Subsanity - "Post-Apocalyptic Doom"
Klipspringer - "Hate to Have to Kill Somebody"
The Evangelicals - "Bellawood"
"The Raven" part 3
Red Light Massacre - "Closed Casket"
Dan Warren - "The Overpopulation Solution"
All Organic Combo - "Ghosts"
"The Raven" part 4
Rikets - "Anything for the Devil"
Early Beat - "Apparitions"
One Hit Wonder - "The Pumpkin Master"
Burnpile - "Chemical Death Dealer"

08/01/08 rerun of 02/29/08 "The secret of my success is...!"
My eyes!! Oh, my eyes!!! Seriously, though, we had so much going on in July with NONzine, poor NONcast was neglected and abused. But, wait, don't leave me! I can change! You'll see!

07/25/08 Dfest
This show has several bands playing at Dfest. I'll get a description to you when I'm not tearing my eyes out (busy busy).

07/18/08 I Don't Need Any of This!
Woo! Threw this one together in record time. I didn't want leave my vast audience hangin' again. Plus, so much great music, so little time. I'm just going to drop another list this time, but I do have more exciting plans for us coming soon...and then there's Dfest. Crazy from the Heat, bitches!! Yeah!!!

Dan Warren
Angel of Jaw
- "Oklahoma" Some very interesting musicians and songwriting coming from none other than Sulpher, OK.
Psymbience - Again, some very impressive musicianship, but this time in more of the progressive-metal genre.
The Other Lover
The Gypsy Van - "The Maze"
Brandon Isaak - An odd song that the make the cut for his CD, but sticks in my mind, so I have to play it now and then. It's meditative.
Green Lemon
Derek Doublin

OMG, all of this music RULES! Am I right?

07/11/08 rerun of 03/07/08 "Nothing Tips Like a Cow!"
I'm busy teaching children how to talk to their inner adult. I'll get back to you. Please leave a message after the beep.


07/04/08 rerun of 01/25/08 "...don't give it to your baby, even though it might be funny..."
I'm on the roof watching fireworks. Let's here it for getting rid of tyrants who rule over us...yea...wee.

06/27/08 Can I Get a Fuckin' A!?
The buzz word out there right now is "unity," so let's unilateraly unite some units of sound here and hear what happens. The effect may be something more like watching a ping-pong match. To the left it rolls low and bold, to the right it pogos upbeat. The middle is for gliding. Here's how the show flows:

Eric Sarmiento

The Roustabouts
(reunion tonight at VZD's)

Ghost of Monkshood


Ceiling Tiles

Ali Harter

Maximum Homeless Guy

The Proprietors of the Earth


Slim B

The Rippers

Magnificent Bird

The Gardes

The Mean Spirits

06/20/08 Leap Into My Knapsack
In the spirit of the shameless self-promotion of today's issue of NONzine, I'll start this show off with a couple of songs from bands I had they fortune and pleasure to play for. First is Ambassador Bill, which include members of Ghost of Monkshood and Beefeater Project, and second is Love Button, which includes the writer of our show theme, Dan Warren, and my faux commercial partner, Texas Johnson. Then...countdown...death...and rebirth with the most awesome band from Austin, Muchos Backflips!, followed by a Czech tale titled "The Soldier & The Devil". When all is right with rain, then you'll hear one of my favorite songs from Year of the Jackalope, followed with a slap in the face from White Night. Sorry, that's just how I roll. But then I'll cradle it in my arms with Ancestor Ruin, spin in circles with The Condition, and slip into an odd dream of James Nghiem. At this point we hit Spacefaze and encounter "Visitation" with Starcruisers. The dream is almost over as we break it down with Girls Make Milk, then smack that finale with Theatre Breaks Loose. I guess it wasn't a dream after all.

06/13/08 Windshield Wipers on My Eyes
Happy Freaky Friday everyone! We end this show with music from the "must-see" independent movie, Rainbow Around the Sun, which I finally got to see this weekend at the deadCenter Film Festival. Before that, is a multi-lingual montage of madness, after we hear FM Underground, who'll be one of three bands at the Deli on.....Friday the 13th!(eek eek eek eek!)

All of these things have transpired, and yet it was preceded by the electro tones of Recorder. Before that, we're told of the stange ode to Plague Boy by Gaea Spore, after we hear Unmarked Cars, who'll be one of three bands at the Deli on.....Friday the 13th!(eek eek eek eek!)

Of course, none of that could of happened without the Miracle Healing Serial Killer proceeding the heavy orchestrations of thiswastheyeartolosefriends. It wasn't always so dark. Before, there were stimulating sounds coming from esthing of Friskee, with choreography by square dance instructors, and playful melodies strung by Steven Stark. It was peaceful, but before there was such peace, there was tragedy as The Gunship "Capsized" at sea, who'll be one of three bands at the Deli on.....Friday the 13th!(eek eek eek eek!)

Up to that point in the show, we had been listening to some crazy "Catalog Capers" from One Hit Wonder, which was introduced by our friends down South, Dirtfoot. At the very beginning of the show, we popped another cherry and got some music from The Ethereals, but only after Cornbelt Chorus started this whole mess of a show, which just happened to air on.....Friday the 13th!(eek eek eek eek!)

06/06/08 We must not stay here!
Somewhere between moving into our new NONfactory (renting multiple spaces to artists and a front gallery) and having to cover most of the NONzine distribution after we lost a guy, I have decided to say "screw it" to doing a descriptive write up this week. So here's the list, enjoy:

The Stock Market Crash
Anchors for Arsenal
Evolution Control Committee
The Oh Johnny! Girls
Green Lemon
Red Light Massacre
One Hit Wonder
The Toothman
Faun Fables
The City Lives
Skies Fallen

05/30/08 Call me old-fashioned, but that's just how I was raised...
Hey NONcasters! I want to thank you both for coming out tonight. This show is an old tip-of-the-hat to my lifelong friend, Summer. She can be so fun, yet so cruel, like life, which is how we start things off today. The Beefeater Project's second CD release, Lo-Fi Resurrection of the American Underground, is an overall work of art, and "Life Is So Cruel" is a good example of their combined songwriting and creativity. Then, Beyond the Infrared takes us "20 Days Past September" to the end of summer, or at least it used to be. And it was last summer that they formed, later doing a nicely home-recorded EP. From there, we go into a piece I threw together with a few jokes from local comedians, Anthony Cavazos, Spencer Hicks and Genevieve Rice, backed with some beats courtesy of the creator of the NONcast theme music and all around nice scientist, Dan Warren. Suddenly, the clouds part and rays of sunshine beam from the voices of Ghost of Monkshood, from their new CD, Lift, as it does for us here going from "Everyone" into "Moon Signs" with a carousel of sounds that float right into the band from Autin that they played with at VZD's the other day, Muchos Backflips! This is all sounding so good, my nips are hard. Muchos Backflips are high on my list now, appealing to my likes of creativity and incredible musicianship, a la Bungle and such. Don't ever miss a chance to see this band live. Alright, time to get off the 20 minute magic carpet/roller coaster ride, and come back down to Earth, deep into some traditional roots of a band long past. Now that we're spiritually grounded, lets dig deep into solid core, hellfire, thick-ass metal with Horse Called War. Check out the awesome music video of them done by our partners in crime, Chaotic Studios. With that sort of intensity, there is no where left to go emotionally, except totally MAD! To take us on this absurd comedy journey are the guys of One Hit Wonder, followed by some "Cornbread" from the Sugar Free Allstars. Are you following the summer vibes, still? Next we rock out and slow down with one from Junebug Spade, playing at the HiLo this Tuesday. Then we revist my little record experiment, turning classical orchestra into cartoon-jazz soundtrack for getting wasted. That's what I get out of it, anyway. Speaking of wasted, we take a big Swill, smoke some polka, and finally put all this madness to rest by "Dreaming Awake" with Syloken. Back to the reality, the dream is over, and it was all an illusion. The summer sun showering us in spirit and fun, all the while burning our organs into dust.

05/23/08 A mediocre product that no one can relate to...
It's the usual unusual mix today, starting with a great song by Tulsa's pedal steel extraordinaire, Jesse Aycock, followed by the equally talented, Lisa Curl. Some noon-time news from One Hit Wonder(congrats Derek!), a track from The Gypsy Van's new CD(release show on May 31st), and an introduction to the enigmatic accordian of The Other Lover. Then we take a Russian story break with our friend Sky, enlightening us as to why cats hate water. After a red dirt rap slap in the face from Blake O., we check out a sneak peak, rough edit of one of The Venditos' songs they've been recording at Bell Labs in Norman. Then some amazing piano work by newly discovered Oklahoma artist, ShiverSkin. Keeping it complicated, we blow all circuts with Forced Entree, then break it down to the bare essentials with the blues of peninsula. Mediocre my ass!

05/15/08 Wife & Mother of America Redux
We're busy moving into our new NONfactory, and since last weeks Mother's Day show didn't play, we'll play it this week. Sorry, Mom.

05/09/08 Wife & Mother of America
This one goes out to all the mamas in the audience. I didn't necessarily theme the show on mothers, alone. Let's just say the show is themed for mothers, fathers, sons & daughters, and that should pretty much cover it. Steven Stark is a father, Adam (i and i) and Eric Sarmiento are brothers, Buffalofitz sing about a girl, Derek Doublin offers a poem, El Paso Hot Button "rocks" her "Rubies & Pearls"(get it?), Sherree Chamberlain is a daughter, Matthew Alvin Brown is a son, Lil' Re and crew at Bomb City Records rap about "She", Albert Aguilar swoons romantic rock, Red Channels flow like Calgon and take you away, The Great Midwest is the teen telling you to go fuck yourself, Brandon Isaak is the frustrated son in a fucked up world, and Hannah Wolff sings of love, which is what starts the whole family process in the first place. I know, that theme was a stretch, but what are you going to do about it? Go cry to mother? Just kiddin', bro.

05/02/08 Step One:
Selling pet monkeys door-to-door...

The sun was out, the festivals rocked, and I'm still peeling off the good times. So enough of Nompton, what's going on in OKC. There's an odd and compelling band from Tulsa coming to VZD's. Ghosts sound great, and they're stage performance looks to be crazy. They'll be here Saturday, May 10th...and also on the 10th, at the Conservatory, will be a special presentation by Ali Harter, doing the songs of Samantha Crain, and Samantha Crain, doing the songs of Ali Harter. Here they are doing, wait, I didn't mean it that way. Crap, cut to commercial!

It's Meth! An Oklahoma Tradition

We're back, ready to bash our head against the wall to some hard rock! How about we let the dynamic drumming of Kris, from Lure, lead us into a final farewell to the band, as they are playing their last show tonight at the Conservatory. Then we roll out a new Silliman On Sports segment, speculating on names for the future(?) OKC basketball team. Next we'll play some SA7URN because I met one of them at the Norman Music Festival, he was cool, and we're just so damn excited to see something come out of Moore...that's not a mile wide that is. Speaking of giving props to our supporters, we present Evergreen Old Boy, one of those guys who can play several instruments well, and so goes a simultaneous one man show. Then we take a break...for some BRAINS!

Back to Nompton, The Separation will be playing The Opolis Saturday. Also in Norman, at Othello's on Tuesday nights, is Open Mic Comedy Night, with a great group of local comedians hashing out there routines. We'll give you a peek with bits from Leah Kayajanian and Seth Joseph, from the Escape from Open Mic CD. Smash and bash OKC with Dwell Within, and then back to Norman again to take a rest with Zebre, who'll be playing the Zanzibar! Fest this Sunday behind The Earth on Flood. And to finish our tour, we say "So Long" with Locust Avenue.

04/25/08 Nompton Super Party Fun Time!
This Saturday is the 1st annual Norman Music Festival, with dozens of local bands, and the next day is the consistent fund raiser for Amnesty International, Groovefest. So our show playlist is as follows:

Gravity Propulsion System
Citizen 5
Tall Cotton String Band
Dorian Small
The Neighborhood
Taddy Porter
Ghost of Monkshood

Sam & The Stylees
The Gunship
The Proprietors of the Earth
Mama Sweet

04/18/08 NONfest!!!
Hey your tickets for NONfest yet? Today's show is devoted to the band who are performing at our big show this Saturday. You'll hear music from Asleep, Audience... Dream!, Ghost of Monkshood, Magnificent Bird, Natura Mas, Balthazar!, esthing, and we finish the show with a couple from Dorian Small. Please come to NONfest and your support for local art and music. Peace! Oh, yeah, one more thing. When you hear something that makes you think "What in the hell it this?", that's my demonstration of the Granulator effect, and note the sample that can be occasionally heard looping in the background is the only source that is causing all the madness...a very fun effect to play with, indeed.

04/11/08 Oops...(4/4 rebroadcast)
I didn't get a new show made this week due to working so much on our upcoming NONfest, and I wanted to replay the 9/21/07 broadcast with Esthing for you all, but proper circuits of communication did not complete, therefore it's last week all over again...deja vu.

04/04/08 Broken-Hearted & Happy
Hello again Okie-dokes and the rest of the world. I have to start things off by telling you of our HUGE event coming up April 19th, NONfest! They're will be a huge amount of artists represented, and a silent art auction to boot, as well as films, theatre, and, of course, some awesome local bands, including our first band on the show today, Ghost of Monkshood, with a live recording of them at Andrew's Park in Norman for Groovefest. Then we play one from a young songwriter, Clinton Avery Tharp, who used to be in the comedy band, Huge Talking Mantis, but is now showing his more serious side. Very reminiscent of David Dondero of Sunbrain. Following is the long-awaited return of rollergirl announcer, Moose Ondaluce, with an interview from the most recent home bout between Tornado Alley Roller Girls and the Dallas Derby Devils. Now, true, this show focuses mainly on Oklahoma bands, but we're always looking for good touring bands out there in the ether to add to cauldron of fun. Via their recent trip to SXSW, we were contacted by the Brooklyn trio, Gold Streets...thanks for contacting us and y'all come back now, ya'ere. Then we punk this junk Norman style with some Resident Funk. Then we get all serious on your ass and bring back the past with JFK on da CIA. Speaking of assassinations in Dallas, we hear back from our old friend, Jacob Ide, as he assassinates Dallas (aka, Strip Mall Gardens) itself, and boy, does it deserve it. Next, you'll hear "Too Much Sun" by Syloken, which has a great video to the song thanks to Zanzibar Studios. Okay, party break! Time to do some meth(not really), smoke some pot(hell yeah), and POLKA(thanks Bubba)!!! We'll visit SA7URN, rap with Brad Chad Porter about rubber dicks, and use vocoders to talk to the aliens thanks to Derek Doublin. Whew, enough partying. Let's take a nice, cool chill-pill and dig some jazz-blues by Dressler, with his interpretation of Benny Golson's tribute to the late trumpeter, Clifford Brown. Then we wake your ass back up with Gestalt doing the Subsanity standard, "Why Waste Time"! Too heavy for ya? Let Capn Hug make it all better, followed by a delicious cup of Ted Koppel. Oh...that made us puke up Pulpit Red. Should of listened to Dr. Pants and had a "Sasparilla Girl" instead. Hour's over. Run around like monkey for a week, then come back and we'll try again.

03/28/08 Frigid Intoxicating Liquids
Hey, I got an idea...let's get ripped! We're start off with a "Salty Dog" from The Beefeater Project. We'll have a couple of bombs with Derek Doublin. Let's hit the hooch with Cornbelt Chorus, and have some sake with Lisa Curl. We'll listen to Anthony Cavazos make fun of the racists at the bar, chug some "Hubris" from Stellar Chromatic, then kick back with a Manhattan served Sunnyvale style. After we slip back from the hypno-stupor created by the beautiful sounds made by Kunek, we break out the evil spirits, with Los Hijos Del Diablo. We stop to argue with Evolution as to why he doesn't believe in himself, then find "A Place to Run" to thanks to Brandon Isaak. Next, we'll process a couple of cold ones while doin' the "Boom Thingy" with The Proprietors of the Earth. We stumble out of the bar, onto Locust Avenue, totally "Drunk on Tequila," and roll onto the curb with a bunch of 8bit Cynics who direct us home 4 Points West. Oh, I'm going to pay for this tomorrow.

03/21/08 Sex with a Toothbrush
Alrighty, I was obviously in a strange mood last week. This week, I'm going to yak more and tell you what's up with all these bands. We start off with a great punk band that just got to open for the legendary Meatmen, and will be doing the half-time show at the next local Tornado Alley Roller Girl bout on March 22nd, Maximum Homeless Guy. Then we touch on some All-American favorite past times with an awesome cat I've known for over 17 years, back when he was a young Elvis impersonator, Brian Dunning & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio, and if you miss their show tonight at Galileo's, then you can check them out at The Blue Note on the 28th. Then we induldge in the hard-edge alternative sound of Stillwater's own Mayola, whom will be playing the SophieZine party at The Conservatory on the 28th. Then we dig one out of the archives from last year's Dfest in Tulsa, from a special public Q&A with The Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, and manager Scott Booker, on the special UFO Couch that we wrote about. We let those words of wisdom take root while listening to the authentic down-home sounds of the Tall Cotton String Band, and then rock things out again with FM Underground. Into the realm of electronica we go with an odd few minutes by the gang at Friskee and their homage to NONzine's own Zeak Bleak...and where there is Zeak, there is bad taste, like the one in comedian Derek Smith's mouth. We need a steamroller to scrub out that afterwash, so heavy it goes with Rainbows Are Free, who are one of the many bands performing at The Rock 'n' Roll Garage Sale & Show at The Conservatory on April 12th. When heavy Rainbows get you down, it takes a Magnificent Bird to lift things back up, and then some from The Mean Spirits to rock it all out again. Then we plunge into a surprisingly soulful blues song by Jim Gorton's newest project, peninsula, who's playing The Red Cup tomorrow, the HiLo April 8th, and several times at the OKC Infoshop next month. We take the usual shouting break with One Hit Wonder, flow into the string section with The NoKC Improvisation, and end things with a band I came across on myspace that is tailor-fit for all the SciFi/Trekkie fans out there, Starcruisers. Thanks for listening!

03/14/08 Now the Tooth Fairey
comes twice as much!

Hey, pay attention! The Gardes are coming. Now here's The Condition, Spencer Hicks will get the Girls to Make Milk while Sir Threadius Mongus
and King Dabid fend off the Streets of Thieves. The so called Natura Mas of their meth will Dwell Within us all. It's just like the prophetic R. Linke foretold in his One Hit of Wonderous Fairey Tales, where a Magnificent Bird brought The Electric Primadonnas to The Gypsy Van. Hence, the great Gaea Spore was delivered to Dorian the Small, and peace found home upon the lands. The End.

03/07/08 Nothing tips like a cow!
Hey, everyone. We got the usual selection across the spectrum, starting with one from Steven Stark's second solo ep, The Twin or The Seed, followed by some El Paso Hot Button. We check out a bit of stand-up from Oklahoma comic, Kevin Costello, then get some big dark meow-meow from Tall Cotton String Band. We bust one out from the sample-tastic Evolution Control Committee, and then relax as Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers finds just the right spot to aurally massage. Then we take one of those damn surveys from One Hit Wonder. Tense and aggravated again, we rip the paint off the walls with thiswastheyeartolosefriends. Well our bodies can't handle too much punishment, so we chill to The Dressler Free Jazz Experience. Next, we got two bands, The Great Midwest and Elliott the Letter Ostrich, who'll be in The Rock 'n' Roll Garage Sale & Show at The Conservatory on April 12th. Then we let comic James Nghiem slap that mic, before the crew from Bomb City Records busts out on it. Then The Guests show up with a "Surfin' Shark", which gets us all goofy for a barbershop number from One Hit Wonder. Beyond the Infrared fills in a gap, and we finish things off with a haunting tune from All Organic Combo, who are playing tonight at Sauced. Dig and let dig, I'm Audi 2000.

02/29/08 The secret of my success is...
Oh, lordy, I need a rest, a break, an anema, so instead of exploring new bands, we are going to go back and replay some bands that we hadn't heard recently. Starting the race is a fun tune by Cheyenne, followed by a "generic punk song" by Grandpa Griffith. We have a new commercial from the Texas Johnson Foundation..."It's Meth!" As you might recall in last week's Locust Avenue interview, we mentioned sound engineer Chris Harris, and this week we listen to a song from his own band/recording project, Subatomic Pieces. We'll hear a bit of Oklahoma comic, Genevieve Rice, from the Escape from Open Mic CD. Then we step back in time seven years or so, and revisit one of the more outrageous songs done by The Fellowship Students. Next, a cello controlled by Zack Reaves spills out Bach's "C Major Prelude", followed by a bizarre "Motivational Speaker" from Dan Warren. We make it rock hard again with Engine Orchestra, do it like your granddaddy did with the classic rock'n'roll sound of The Starkweather Boys, then pop it out with our very good friends, Klipspringer (Everybody Loves Ty!). Then we get our fuzz on with some Gravity Propulsion System, who'll be playing at The Rock 'n' Roll Garage Sale & Show at The Conservatory on April 12th. Getting that System out of our system, we take a breath and chill with a song from Carter Sampson and a favorite comedy bit from One Hit Wonder. Refreshed, renewed, we dance our ass off to a great song by Pudding Attack. Love the odd break in the middle of that song. One more hill to go on this coaster. We go up the hill with Tulsa's, The Time Travelers, raise our arms and scream with some Rikets, and reflect in our joy with My-Tea Kind. "Thank you for the ever-loving ride."

02/22/08 Stop licking our house, you warlock!
A big howdy to all out there in NONcast land! Today we have a great interveiw with the band, Locust Avenue, from Norman, Oklahoma. We'll also play cuts from their brand new CD, Three O'Clock Target. But, before that, we start off with The Gunship, another Norman band that's taking their Zombie Rock to several upcoming events here in OKC, including The Rock 'n' Roll Garage Sale & Show at The Conservatory on April 12th. Between now and then, we're going to be playing music from all the bands doing that show, including the next song, a mellow one, from Student Film. Then we check out a track from the upcoming release of The Fall of You and Me, by Anchors for Arsenal, who will have their CD release show March 1st at The Conservatory. We'll put the music aside for a moment to catch up with our soaps, then we'll get motivated again with some hardcore hip-hop from McNastee. The excitement is too much, and we explode with Forty Minutes of Hell's "Rocketship" bashing our aural senses, followed with the smooth taste of relief as comedian Nathan Anderson explains why bad language is a good thing. You can read a review of the Escape from Open Mic CD in this issue of NONzine. And finally, before we get to Locust Avenue, I most unfortunately must play another dedication. It is so strange to watch friends go as other friends get together and make more friends. From the movie Rainbow Around the Sun, we play "Cupcake" by Matthew Alvin Brown. Peace.

02/15/08 I'm havin' a bad time here, man!
Ah, this show is nuts! I don't even know how it got that way...AND PARENTS BEWARE, as is with all our shows, this show has adult language and situations and listening descretion is advised. That said, let's start tearing apart this monster. We start with a skip in our step with some great upbeat rock-a-billy from The Ju Ju Beans from Altus, OK. Then we groove on The Stock Market Crash, playing tonight at The Conservatory. You can tell by their myspace hits that they are building quite a fanbase. Things start to get strange as we listen to Love Button's story of a Sasquatch that just wants to be like you and me, segueing into our first ever presentation of local stand-up comedy, thanks to the The Comedy Underground and the Escape from Open Mic. We'll listen to Seth Joseph, founder of the group, do his routine on penguins and Hitler, and then we'll check out an interview with Seth, conducted by Danny Marroquin, about the need for comedy groups and clubs in Oklahoma. Then, to keep the comedy vibe going, we tumble into the crazy world of The Invisible Snakes, and their song "I Love My Doctor" featuring "Grandma!". your heart out! After that, we use some rock to shake it off, with the eye-opening Thirteen Stars. This starts our usual array of multiple genres, going from rock to the plunkety beauty of Buffalofitz, this time a number sung by Fitz. I've grown to love his tone,. Then a crazy array of samples throw all the gears in reverse, and we bang it all out with no holds barred hip-hop about "OKC" by Lil' Re from Bomb City Records. Spin out into another 180 with an exciting artist we just discovered, Roger Lienke, whose songwriting style is very creative and varies throughout. Then, as usual, we drive the damn thing off a cliff with some hardcore thrash from Burnpile. Need a break? Then sit back, relax, and check out the comedy of our second comic today, Leah Kayajanian, followed with an interview about her experience with comedy in the Oklahoma landscape. We'll start to cap things off with a song by a new band, Ottre Pop, although comprised of musicians we've know for over a decade, including the vocal stylings of Jaz Lambeth, who used to live in Norman, and for some time now has lived and played in the UK. Lastly, I thrown in one of my favorite Asleep, Audience... Dream! songs just to treat myself. Sayonara, suckers!

02/08/08 I call you my base.
Here we go again. I got a new robot voice to annoy you all with. We start first fitst base with Beyond the Infrared, take the bat and beat the crap out of it with Destroyer Destroyer, pause for a commercial break, and then go totally foul with Blake O. Then we bring in the contagious sounds of Kunek, which has an interview with SophieZine in today's issue of NONzine. Kunek is still wrapping up their album, but we'll play an unfinished demo for you that they have posted at their myspace page. Then we go back to breaking things with a little help from One Hit Wonder, followed by a public service announcement from Sunnyvale (that song has been stuck in our heads for weeks). Then we play some punk of the past, by a band that was legally restrained from their name, so I can't say it. Let's call them AOG. Then, we catch up with the twins from TMTV in their new band from the Big Apple, Luck Be a Lady. We ride the waves of Ghost of Monkshood with a great live recording from Andrew's Park in Norman. Then we party hard with Matthew Alvin Brown in celebration of the release of the movie, Rainbow Around the Sun, at SXSW next month. Heading to the outfield, we've got Scales of Motion from Tulsa, followed by the beautiful style of Ali Harter, then we pitch back in your face with Hotlanta! We recover from that one with another Tulsa act that sings in multiple languages, Citizen Mundi, then take a ride on a burro into the sea, flowing over into a bunch of Hush Hush Commotion. Then we turn the volume down...way down into the tinkering world of Thomas Anderson, then we cry, they we keep crying. Sometimes, you just have to.

02/01/08 ...a cow, the sound of breaking glass, and a (brling brling)...
Lots of new stuff on today's show. We start off with one of the headliners playing at the Conservatory tonight for the Sophie Zine Groundhog Day Celebration, The Neighborhood, followed by some heavy love from Rainbows Are Free, who are having their CD release party February 9th at the The Train Depot in Norman. We'll take a French break (ah ah ah) with the comedic stylings of One Hit Wonder, then bang some blunts on our freshly mowed lawn with McNastee's, "I'm So Burbs". After that, we have a new one from The Gypsy Van, also with a brand new CD about to come out, and I gotta tell ya, I love it. The chorus vocals make them sound like Queen at times. Look for an interview with these guys in the near future. We buy our soul a drink with "Crow Jane" from The Public Secret of Tulsa. Then, I am excited to play for you some crazy thrash from Burnpile, which even if this isn't your thing, you can't help but appreciate the musicianship and skill involved. Then we rock a good pop with The Matt Stansberry Band, and take another absurd moment with OHW. We check out a new band on the scene playing at VZD's tonight called Junebug Spade, pull at our stings with some incredible cello work from Zack Reaves, then shove your face in it with Steeples. Did that hurt? Well, we can make everything better by rubbing in some Natura Mas, follow the diagnosis of Thom Proctor, and get plenty of exercise with your Citizen 5. Come back next week and we'll hurt you again.

01/25/08 ...don't give it to your baby, even though it might be funny...
Alright, we are all giddy and wonky today! First off, there's a song by a good friend of mine, Ryan Engleman & the Midnight Marauders, although this particular track is missing the rest of his band, but this recording really captures his voice and style well. Then, we are excited and honored to be the first to broadcast a track from the brand new, still unreleased, CD, Three O'Clock Target, from Locust Avenue! As their release date approaches, we'll be doing a special interview with them, so stay tuned. Next, we bring a few smiles with a little ditty by Sunnyvale and a bit from One Hit Wonder. Then we play our usual whiplash games, going from the tradional celtic sounds of Calliope House, to the intense punk of I Resign, and back down to the mellow, more serious side of Derek Doublin, with a track from his CD, Attack of the Lonely Mind, available for free at his web site. After that, we have some fun with samples using some of Dan Warren's wacky music in the background. Then we tap the Norman alternative scene with Yacht Club!, followed with some good ole dirty rock'n'roll from Glister. We supercede that with a track from Buffalofitz new CD, which they are having the relese show for tonight at the Sauced Annex in Paseo, and a review of the CD is in this issue of NONzine. Then we go all Navy on your ass. From here, the rest of show really goes nuts! It starts with a violin and cello performance from The NoKC Improvisation, followed by jaw-dropping, over-the-top music by Forced Entree, and then a fantastic group I just discovered from Tulsa that takes lounge jazz to a whole new level, called Sir Threadius Mongus. We cap the hour off with an odd collage from Evolution Control Committee, finally ending with a song I requested from the legendary Jimmy Grubb that is all about poker, when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. It's been fun...more to come. Dont be shy, write me and tell me what you think!

01/18/08 Spit & Polish
Today we roll out several new bands to NONcast, some of which are playing this weekend if you're in the OKC. New bands include: Minutes Too Far, 8Bit Cynics, Modico, The Flood, and The Condition. We've got new comedy and absurdness from Derek Doublin, Matthew Alvin Brown, and the rest of the One Hit Wonder gang, and a couple of tracks about monkeys from Grandpa Griffith's CD, Electric Scooter Holiday Blowout, and let's not forget, the new "hit" from Evolution Control Committee, "I Want a Cookie". We bring back the soothing voice of Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers, and a track from the children's CD, Dos Ninos, by Sugar Free Allstars. I snuck a rare, rough-mixed track by Ambassador Bill in there, just to add a little country to the pot. Then we finish off the hour with two integrated songs by Radio Deception. This band is something to see live. With two drummers, keyboards, and all the guitars, it builds to a huge wall of sound that is intense. Somewhere in the show, you will also hear me having fun with a record. Enjoy!

01/11/08 Evil Balloons
Ah yes, today is a good one...a sexy, sexy show. All kinds of music mixed with loads of comedy and other bizarreness. First off we have an awesome band from Stillwater, Mayola. Then we reverse gears and pick and grin with the traditional bluegrass stylings of Tall Cotton String Band, and in keeping with the grinin', we have some new one's from Derek Doublin's archive of One Hit Wonder radio bits. Then we rock a bit with Jayne Doe, and roll a bit with Zebre. Then we get really sweaty palms with a naughty bit by Evolution Control Committee, followed by pure aggression from local metal lords, Horse Called War. We crack open a new one from The Non, off their CD, Paper City, followed by another new one from singer-songwriter Albert Aguilar. We recieve yet another lesson from professor Dan Warren, this time in vocabulary. We bring back a great new band on the scene, The Gypsy Van, followed by Tulsa songwriter, John Randolph. Next, we clear away all the cobwebs with a blast of Forty Minutes of Hell, followed by one of my favorite songs from Year of the Jackalope called "Mild Horses"(you'll catch the Stones joke when you hear it). If there would have been time, I would have had both of those songs on the Bestest Of NONcast show. Finally, to finish off the hour, we get back to our "Roots" with this catchy tune by the mind-boggling performance artsist, Balthazar! Let's get wasted...yee haw!

...with the Momentum of an Elephant Revival
Happy New Year, NONcast listeners! Alright, a brand new year, a fresh new start. My first resolution is to not procrastinate and to get these shows done early...oh wait, damn I overslept...well, screw that resolution. Well, at least I've quit smoking, wait a minute...well, there went that resolution too. Screw resolutions! So, despite our flaws, we slapped together a new show for you, featuring music from bands that will be playing at the upcoming art extravaganza, Momentum, put on every year by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Council. Momentum is designed to bring mass attention to younger artists (all applicants under 30), and it has been a great help to many in the community over the years. You'll hear music from The Rounders, Magnificent Bird, Carter Sampson, JGST, Pudding Attack, and The Disposables. We threw a new Derek Doublin bit in there, one of many new ones to come from him and the One Hit Wonder troupe, which can be heard at Derek's web site (a must see!). For the second half of the show, we have Elephant Revival Concept performing live at the NONfactory on December 29th. We had a small, intimate show with them and OKC's own Tall Cotton String Band that night, and everyone had a blast. Enjoy, and lots of new music and comedy coming up on our future shows, so come on back now, ya here.

12/28/07 Bestest of NONcast '07
Happy holidays NONcast listeners! Although this show is titled the Bestest Of NONcast, it's not necessarily the BEST stuff we've played, but instead it's clips from some of our best interviews along with some of our favorite music that we've come to know in the past six months. We start things off with The Black Tie Event, which we are still waiting for the release of a new CD from these guys. I was surprised by this band when I first heard them...they definitely have a "Dolls" spirit to them that is contagious. Next up, we have a short tune by The Red Channels that really has a dreamy feeling, a la Portishead. Then we take a snippet from the El Paso Hot Button interview and play a song off of his recent release. Then we bend into the mainstream and play a song by local hip-hop star, Blake O., whose debut CD was produced by the Grammy-winning Neal Pogue (Outkast). Then we sneak in a subtle comment about mainstream with our good friend and NONcast theme music creator, Dan Warren, with his song, "Whore." Next, we play the second installment of Silliman on Sports about the very graphic reality of the "Red River Rivalry" between Oklahoma and Texas football fans, followed by an awesome mellow tune by the Stillwater band, Kunek, and following that with ex-Ghost of Monkshood bassist and obviously talented songwriter, Dorian Small of Norman. Then we get to relive one of our greatest dreams come true from this year with the interview from the powerful and mighty DETHKLOK, including conversations with Nathan Explosion, Skwisgarr Skwigelf, & Pickles live on the phone with NONzine writer and copy editor Nathan Winfrey. We finish of the show with a real catchy number by Brandon Isaak, a short but sweet tune from Locust Avenue's Songs for the Shortwave, and then a replay of the interview of not only a friend, but one of our all-time favorite bands, EVER, The Beefeater Project. The ending song by them, "Dead Motherfucker," is like a down-troddin' anthem to us, and we have toyed with the idea of actually ending every show in a "Carol Burnett" style with this song, all hand in hand singing along. It could happen. There were several bands we would have liked to play that didn't make it into the Best Of shows, but alas, so much great music, so little time. Shout out to a few we missed: Magnificent Bird, Forty Minutes of Hell, My-Tea Kind...we love you guys and look forward to sharing more of this great music to the masses next year. Until then, happy New Year everyone!

12/21/07 Best of NONcast '07, part 2
Hello listeners! We recovered from the unexpected and are back on track with the BEST OF NONcast, throwing tidbits of the last 6 months at you. We start it like we did on Oct. 5th with one of my favorite Asleep, Audience... Dream! songs, "Apple & I" from their CD, A Serene Parade of Gliding Minds. Then another favorite, "Tombalusosasha" by Klipspringer, which has an awesome video. Then The Evolution Control Committee's "Cry Baby Duck", followed by a live in-house acapella recording of Bonnie from Elephant Revival Concept, and some down-home hip-hop from Blake O, both from the Sept. 28th NONcast. Next is the first Silliman on Sports that we aired on Aug. 31st, with Stan Silliman filling us in on the relationship between NASCAR and Harlequin romance novels. That leads us into a real interesting and different kind of tune by the award-winning jam band, Green Lemon. Then we revisit some really interesting Las Vegas Rollercon interviews of roller girls from around the globe, done by Moose Ondaluce from the Aug. 24th show. Then we cut to an edgy bit that I really liked from the Aug. 17th show that starts with The Fellowship Student's "Emily Was Right," which you should check out the video, although a few years old now. That goes into The Evolution Control Committee's manipulation of a papa Bush speech that seems to make more sense than the original, and just when tensions are high, we follow it with a barbershop bit in bad taste by One Hit Wonder that refers to "Digging up Princess Di," which I must point out that it was recorded before her death, so the bad taste is now mine, muhahaha. That bit finishes off with one of my favorite songs by The Gardes, "Pyromania Is for Lovers." Then we do one of my favorite NONcast moments, from the July 20th show, which includes part of an interview with Will of the instrumental band called
The Non, and then beautifully transition (Can you name that sample?) into the guitar work of Steven Stark. Finally we end the show like we did on Sept. 21st, with Esthing live at the NONfactory, laying down the last of their hour long song. Next week, the BESTEST OF NONcast, don't miss!

12/14/07 Old Man Winter is an asshole!
Wow. The Ice Man cometh...all over the place, and what a mess. It looks like a tornado hit the entire state, and I am not exaggerating. Power lines down everywhere, trees falling on houses, it is a total wreck. Soooooooo, you just get a re-broadcast of the Oct. 12th NONcast, featuring the interview with Metalocalypse creator, Brendon Small. We'll be back with more BEST OF NONcast next week, and the BESTEST OF NONcast on Dec. 28th. As my biz partner said in a recent message, "Appreciate what you have." Take care, all.

12/07/07 Best of NONcast '07, part 1
Alright, we reached our first milestone. We've done 25 shows since we started in June, and some of that will gladly never be heard again...UNLESS it's part of our BEST OF shows, which will be the case this month. This first one of four shows is just to get the ball rolling. We delve back to our beginnings from the June 22nd show, with a clip from the Matthew Alvin Brown interview, talking about his movie, Rainbow Around the Sun, and the deadCENTER Film Festival. Also from this show is music from The Separation, Gestalt, On Behalf of the Portable Face, Dan Warren, and Loose Shoes. We go back to the June 28th show to revisit the Mister Anderson interview. From the July 20th show, we do bits including Ambassador Bill followed by a racial statement on my end, Red City Radio, and The Non. From the August 3rd show, we do a clip with music from Ghost of Monkshood and One Hit Wonder. Note the "whoo" in the GOM song...a happy accident on my part. While we are taking notes, also know that the intro to The Seperation song was originally unheard in full due to talking over it, so here it is for the first time all the way through. So to finish it off, because I always end up with an empty two minutes I need to fill, I play my favorite Jacob Ide song. Now, let me tell you why I play this cat so much. His style of political folk-punk music is rare. I remember liking an artist called Paleface back in the early '90s who did the same sort of thing. Why isn't this genre more popular? I am all for peace movements, but I am not always into the music at these festivals and such, if you know what I mean. Jacob Ide's lyrics are simple and have a very sincere and direct message. "Down with the Suburbs!" The BEST OF series will continue this month, with December 28th's show being the BESTEST OF NONcast. Please feel free to write us about any of your favorite NONcast moments!

11/30/07 You know that part in Caligula...
Hello to all out there in the megashpere! It's the usual music and mayhem, with bands from all around Oklahoma this time. We start with a catchy diddy by Brandon Isaak and a rockin' tune by Tulsa's The Starkweather Boys. We get a lesson in philosophy from the over-educated Dan Warren. We play a little "Cat & Mouse" with the extreme Forty Minutes of Hell from Norman, then revert back to our inner child with Matthew Alvin Brown's "The Babies" from the album and upcoming movie, Rainbow Around the Sun. We mellow just a little with the Stillwater band, Kunek, just to kick it back up with a track from Pudding Attack's brand new CD, Miniskirt Cash Machine, which they are releasing with a show this Saturday at The Conservatory. Then back down with the Oklahoma City band, Little League Hero, and up again with Streets of Thieves. We continue with Girls Make Milk from Tonkawa, and then El Paso Hot Button, who's from Newcastle. We take a comedy break with stuff from Derek Doublin's crew, some hot HOT SEX, and a disturbingly hilarious song from Love Button, recorded in 1992 when they were just wee youngsters. Then we rip this show a new one with the brutal sounds of Subsanity, taken straight from their 1997 7-inch, Human Is Shit. Then we get over our angst and sooth the wounds with My-Tea Kind from Tahlequah. We do some CUNTry music with Jimmy Grubb from Okemah, throw one out to Crazy Diamonds and Thom Proctor, and take it out with a short, but sweet one, by Locust Avenue. Thanks again to ECC. Coming up this next month...Best of NONcast. Thanks for listening!

11/23/07 Gobble, gobble...
Oh sure, Thanksgiving is a time for us to come together and celebrate the plundering of Native Americans and the conquering of the New World, but it's also the beginning of our Great American Melting Pot. So, to honor that diversity, today's show ping-pongs around from folk to punk to world music to metal, it's all over the place. You'll hear stuff from Citizen Mundi, Skies Fallen, Balthazar!, Vance Phillps, One Hit Wonder, Blake O., Engine Orchestra, Magnificent Bird, Evolution Control Committee, Jarrod Mott & The Time Travelers, Elephant Revival Concept, Rikets, Student Film, The Purple Cow Story and Jacob Ide. That's it, so don't give me no more jive, turkey!

11/16/07 Time to die, lol...
Ah, another Friday notch on the belt. It's a mellow happy show today, with lots of new music. We start things off with Dorian Small and The Gardes, both of which are playing at VZD's this weekend. Then things get a little wacky, with comedy from Derek Doublin, Matt Brown, and One Hit Wonder, followed by a great new tune by the groundbreaking Evolution Control Committee. We bring it back to Earth with a beautiful song by Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers, then go funky blues with Sugar Free Allstars. Then we play a track off of one of my favorite albums of all time, Locust Avenue's Songs for the Shortwave. Dan Warren gives us a twisted science lesson, then we play a track from The City Lives, who are having their debut CD release show for American Kids, this Saturday at The Conservatory. We also play their opening act, Yacht Club!, who are also playing with The Neighborhood, this Friday at the Centennial Bash in Stillwater. So we play some of them too, but not until we've cleared the air with the amazing guitar stylings of Mr. Thomas Anderson. We finish off with a couple of great tunes by Cheyenne and On Behalf of the Portable Face.... As usual, thanks to Gaea Spore and ECC for helping fill in the gaps.

11/09/07 In my office, NOW...
Check check, check it out! We have a special treat today with music by, and an interview with, El Paso Hot Button. His new CD, When I Needed Sympathy, is, to put it plainly, just fucking awesome. Check out our video of EPHB too. After that, we kick it into gear with some 2 AM, drop into neutral with Sam & The Stylees, borrow a soul, slam on the gas with Thiswastheyeartolosefriends, throw it into park with Albert Aguilar, and crash straight into a Gaea Spore, where we ponder what just happened with a track from Derek Doublin's music CD, Attack of the Lonely Mind, available for free download at his web site. The Freek Out from Dallas comes in as our caboose, and usual props to the man, Texas Johnson.

11/02/07 Raise more hell...
Wow! You would not even believe all the crazy shit that has happened since the last NONcast. Happy belated Halloween y'all. Last Saturday we were in the Ghouls Gone Wild parade in downtown OKC, which had The Flaming Lips and the March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons. It was one of the most surreal things I've ever seen...check out all the differnt videos and pictures out there. I accidentally made this show a little too long, so apologies to Green Lemon for their song getting cut off at the end. This show has a little of everything, and is devoted to my dearest friend Sky. We kick it off with a rockin' song by Swill, and then Sky and I bang out the song he wrote for the Molly Ivins Songwriting Contest. There are several quirky bits by Dan Warren scattered throught the show. We play my favorite Klipspringer song, "Tombalusosasha", which has an awesome video you should check out too. Subatomic Pieces and Jesse Aycock keep it moving along, into a little religious tounge-in-cheek with Billy Joe Winghead's, "You're Going to Hell." There's a little ditty by Thom Proctor, and then a live recoding of Faun Fables (featuring Nils of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) from Oakland, CA, performing at The Conservatory on February 20th, 2004. Then I play "The Seer" by Cosmic Seed and "Broken Man" by The Beefeater Project for my friend Sky. We rock it up with Syloken, then smooth it back out with Steven Stark, then we play the song "Aquaman" by Grandpa Griffith, which has recently been played on Dr. Demento, so Demented fans should call and request it again and again. Then we finish it off with the incredibly talented and popular Green Lemon, at least for most of the song. I told you we had a little of everything.

10/26/07 Touch me, I'm sick...
Hey everyone. I am sick as hell, so today's show was thrown together even quicker than usual. However, lots of great Oklahoma music for your listening pleasure, and the playlist goes as follows:

4 Points West - Someday All of This Will Be Yours
Sam & The Stylees - Prophecy
Rainbows Are Free - Bloodcano
The Gypsy Van - Psychadelic Sneakers
The Disposables - Cocaine Migraine
Derek Doublin - Carry the Weather
The Gunship - Aim for the Head
Blake O. - Small World
LUMA - Drifter
The Red Channels - Hot Sand
Hush Hush Commotion - The Last Waltz
Love Button - Sliding Down Your Spine

Thanks to Evolution Control Committee for a laugh or two.

10/19/07 DETHKLOK Interview!!
A dream come true, we interview our lords & masters, DETHKLOK! We have Nathan Explosion, Skwisgarr Skwigelf, & Pickles live on the phone to answer questions by NONzine's Nathan Winfrey. Today's line-up includes music by El Paso Hot Button, Forty Minutes of Hell, Pulpit Red, Jacob Ide, Gestalt, The Black Tie Event, Matthew Alvin Brown, Colourmusic, Dan Warren, The Separation, and The Non, with some comedy bits thrown in by Derek Doublin and Texas Johnson.

10/12/07 ARISE!! Brendon Small in da hizzouse!
That's right! We have an interview with Brendon Small, co-creator of Adult Swim's Metalocalypse and Home Movies. First we warm things up with some of our usual Okie madness, with music from Year of the Jackalope, Derek Doublin, and Gestalt. , and comedy from One Hit Wonder. We bring back our neighbors Dirtfoot, from Shreveport, Louisiana. Other music today includes Magnificent Bird, Dorian Small (no relation to today's guest), and The Electric Primadonnas. NEXT WEEK...interview with DETHKLOK!!

10/05/07 I'm a dead motherfucker...
Aw hell, here we go again. I play the Asleep, Audience... Dream! song that's been stuck in my head all month. I scrounged up one by The Toothman, then my way overdue interview with The Beefeater Project. We turn things around with an old 7" track by Okie thrashers, Subsanity. Then a tune from The Gunship, another by acoustic punker Jacob Ide, and a collaborative effort by Sky and musicians from the Spirit Flight show. In addition to tracks by The Separation, Hiphopatomus, and The Fellowship Students, you'll also hear some wackiness by One Hit Wonder and the culture jammer, Evolution Control Committee.

09/28/07 You say funny thing...
Howdy ya'll! Lots of music today as we recover from our NONfactory house warming party last night. Today we're playing a new one by Ghost of Monkshood, a track of folk/punk from Jacob Ide, a live in-house acapella recording of Bonnie from Elephant Revival Concept, some down-home hip-hop from Blake O, Girls Make Milk from Tonkawa, Oklahoma, a personal favorite from Ambassador Bill, a brand-new one from Magnificent Bird, some awesome rockabilly from The Oh Johnny! Girls, one from Zebre, one from Mama Sweet, and we finish it off with a track from Matthew Alvin Brown's Rainbow Around the Sun. Thanks to Texas Johnson for helping out in the commercial parody department. Until next week...

09/21/07 Stop...STOP!!!
What's up, NONcasters?! We're doing things a little different today. We have Esthing live in studio here at the NONfactory, laying down their improved musical vision with a variety of instruments and electronics. We will take a few breaks to check out a poem by Derek Doublin, a track from The Elephant Revival Concept, who'll be playing at the NONfactory this Thursday, and a blues jam from Assorted Jellies & Jams, as promised in last week's show. This show is ultra chill, yo.

09/14/07 Cheat & Swing...
Hey everyone and thanks for listening. We explore the exotic multi-national sounds of Citizen Mundi from Tulsa. We premier a song from the new solo album by Thom Proctor, previous member of Ghost of Monkshood. We bring it back to our Okie roots with a live recording of Tall Cotton String Band. One Hit Wonder serves up a play with words, followed by the eXtreMe sound of Gravity Propulsion System. We have a new installment of Silliman on Sports with a story that hits home the hard way. Then we turn all the shit up with Rikets!!! Then WHIPLASH, the soothing sounds of The Elephant Revival Concept...then WHIPLASH, something raw out of Crazy Diamonds...then RIPRASH, into a surreal and beautiful ending with a track from Derek Doublin's free CD, Attack of the Lonely Mind. We finish the show off with an interview with Jeff Davis from Assorted Jellies & Jams, an adult music and theatre etourage from Tulsa.

09/07/07 GO ARMY!!!
Hehehe, it's going to be a crazy one today folks. We start off nice and easy with a great song by The Hannah Wolff Band. Then things get strange with a fast fable titled The Magic Fans with a few words from the military thrown in. Then it gets freaky with the The Freek Out from Dallas, TX. Then we blow our minds on an interview with the sexy hip-hop duo, Mad Happy, including music from their video. Then we rock all international and shit with Lebanon from Tel Aviv. Then we bring it home with a Huge Talking Mantis, The Beefeater Project, a little of our favorite Bill, thumPthumP with Dance Robots, Dance!, and we finally land in a big pile of Love Button. What a trip, man, like, wow...

08/31/07 You are a journalist...
This is the dawning of the age of NONcast! You can tell this when we hit you with a song by Swill, followed by some craziness from Dan Warren. El Paso Hot Button rocks a block, then we play some Plainfingers. We whip one out by the Pottawattamie county outlaw, Vance Phillips, followed with another comedy caper by One Hit Wonder, and a "Happy Stupid Song" from Gaea Spore. Then we introduce a new segment from our silly sports guy, Stan Silliman from Silliman on Sports, who fills us in on the relationship between NASCAR and Harlequin romance novels. Then we play one by the award-winning jam band, Green Lemon. Grab a few giggles from our in-house commercial parodies, then we play a song by the national hip-hop duo, Mad Happy. We finish the hour off with a converstion with Johnny Anus of Asleep, Audience... Dream!

08/24/07 We put out...
Oh yeah, lots of great music today. We start it off mellow with a track from Matthew Alvin Brown's Rainbow Around the Sun, titled Cupcake. A wacky bit by One Hit Wonder, then we play some Dorian Small, Colourmusic, and Starlight Mints. We play a track off El Paso Hot Button's new CD, When I Needed Sympathy, and a song by Year of the Jackalope. There's some Rollercon interviews from Moose Ondaluce, and we finish it off with an interview with Gary Shilling of Pulpit Red.

08/17/07 Unspeakable atrocities...
What a clusterfuck of a day, but them's the breaks. Kick this mother off hard with Forty Minutes of Hell, followed by a band we met at Dfest, Dirtfoot, from Shreveport, Louisiana. A shout out to Klipspringer and The Gardes. We play The Fellowship Students song "Emily Was Right," which you can check out the video here too. We raise of few eyebrows with Evolution Control Committee's take on a papa Bush speech, followed with a barbershop bit in real bad taste by One Hit Wonder. Mike reads the review of El Paso Hot Button's new CD, and talks to Dan Rose of The Elephant Revival Concept as we check out a couple of tracks.

08/10/07 Odzookens!!...
Hey, TGIF! We have an interview with John Thomas of Syloken today, including music from their video "Too Much Sun". Music by Sugar Free Allstars, John Randolph, Asleep, Audience... Dream!, Gaea Spore, and The Black Tie Event. A laugh or two with One Hit Wonder. Do Not Miss the very special live recording of the jaw-dropping Sleepytime Gorilla Museum from Oakland, CA (video).

08/03/07 We all turned plaid...
Greetings and salutations, NONcast listeners. Today we talk to The Electric Primadonnas live on the road as they tour the western states, and we'll play a new song that will be on their next CD release. We lay down some "live rock hip hop" with Tulsa's Hiphopatomus. Roller girl announcer, Moose Ondaluce, updates us on the Tornado Alley Roller Girls and next week's Rollercon in Las Vegas. Then we'll premier a new single by psychedelic rockers, Ghost of Monkshood. You'll love the barbershop surrealism we dug up from the '90s comedy troupe, One Hit Wonder. Then a fantastic instrumental by The NoKC Improvisation, and a couple of little ditties by Love Button and Cosmic Seed. Mike reads Wilhelm Murg's review of the Okie Noodling DVD.

07/27/07 INdFESTED...
We are broadcasting live from DFEST this weekend. Mike will walk around the tradeshow and talk with various vendors. We'll play music from Derek Doublin's new CD, which we are giving away for free while supplies last. We'll do an interview with Jesse Aycock and play his song, "Eylid Sky." We'll play music from several bands playing at Dfest, including Colourmusic, 40 Minutes of Hell, Ghost of Monkshood, Green Lemon, Billy Joe Winghead, 2 AM, Albert Aguilar, and The Non.

07/20/07 You look tired...
We kick things off with a rockin' country "Tornado" by Ambassador Bill, followed by a short exploration of the racisit mind, with a short tune by Gaea Spore to help change the subject. Then a haunting tune by The Red Channels. Then we make a bunch of noise that makes no sense, before we talk to Aranda about their chances of getting into Lollapalooza this year. Next, we are serenaded by a wacky tune by Derek Doublin, and on the other end of the spectrum, we punk out to Red City Radio. We do an interview with an awesome instrumental band called The Non, and finally we "take a rest" and bring it home with the beautiful guitar work of Steven Stark.

We start with some music by Little League Hero, then we pretend to interview the band, Hush Hush Commotion, and play a couple of songs by them before they call and we do a real interview. A little comedy bit and we move on to one of our favorite songs by Dan Warren, "Whore." Then we listen to and interview the incredibly talented My-Tea Kind. Then we pull a 360 and thrash out with Gestalt. Moose Ondaluce updates us on the Tornado Alley Roller Girls, and our friend Chris from Asleep, Audience... Dream! calls in to finish off the hour.

07/06/07 I got the devil in me...

Hey there and good Friday all NONcast listeners. Today we start with an interview with the online art gallery, Sonarta. We check out some songs by LUMA, The Beefeater Project, and Brandon Isaak. Adrian will do an interview with the young, emerging video artist, Matthew Kaney, and play music from the videos he did for The Black Tie Event and The Subatomic Pieces. Then Mike will talk with Jen, PR representative for DFEST, to fill us in on what this festival is all about. We mellow for a moment with All Organic Combo, and end the hour with an interview with Chris Wiser of Sugar Free Allstars, highlighting their new children's CD, Dos Ninos.

06/29/07 Delicious...

Hey NONcasters! We kick it off with some music by Casey Friedman and Stellar Chromatic. Then a great comedy skit by Derek Doublin called "Computer Date." Mike does an interview with Todd from The Hex, and another interview with Jeff Stokes, curator of the Indpendent Artists of Oklahoma. We nail out some horror punk from Pulpit Red. Then we take a break from all the rockin' to include an interview and music from the classical guitar stylings of Mister Anderson (Mike at his finest). Then we end the show with an interview of artist Narciso Arguelles.

06/22/07 We party pretty hard...

We start the show today with an interview of Matthew Alvin Brown about his movie, Rainbow Around the Sun. Then some music from The Separation, followed by a comedy bit we did called "The Miracle Healing Serial Killer." We then "shock your jock" with Gestalt, followed with a lesson in perversion. We then talk to Lauren about a surprising turn of events with the Tornado Alley Roller Girls. We have some music from Ghost of Monkshood, On Behalf of the Portable Face, and Dan Warren. Then Moose Ondaluce submits an interview with Grandpa Griffith after their show at VZD's. We feel the spirit move us with Loose Shoes, and Mike blabs about NONzine to finish of the show.

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