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Michael Taber editor@nonzine.com and noncomedia@sbcglobal.net

Buying tickets through the paypal button above does not add additional price to the ticket. It is still only $20!!

posted April 15th
--List of artists that are donating works to the art auction:
Jason Adams
Sarah Atlee
Jake Beeson
Bombs Away
Ruth Ann Borum
Dylan Bradway
Angela Chase
Crypt-o-Licious Creations
Parker Cunningham
Clark Deal
Amanda Joy
Lindsay Harkness
Josh Heilaman
Chantelle Lanum
Hugh Meade
Jason Moan
Nicole Moan
Sarah Moran
Chad Mount
Kelie Myers
Claudia Owen
Romy Owens
Zachary Presley
Albert Riddle
Deborah Riddle
Shikoh Shiraiwah
Jerrod Smith
Tony Trammell
Amanda Weathers-Bradway
Tony Westlund

posted April 10th
--New banners that can be copied...spread the word!
--NONfest time: from 2pm till precisely 11:59pm, and not a damn minute later!!
--Mike was on Fox :) NONzine's first time on TV!

posted April 9th
--Tickets now in all OKC locations!
--Look for an interview with NONzine editor, Michael Taber,
on FOX25, Thursday morning!
--Sonarta will be broadcasting live on the internet during NONfest!

Copy the banners, make sure they link to this page, and help us make this thing ROCK!!!

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More details and schedules to come...


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