NEW UPDATE 09/2009

Ok folks, as some of you know we had intended to try and keep NONzine going online when we stopped the print issues last November. Unfortunately, generating the buzz online was not something we had the energy for. Everyone wants the print issues.

The thing is, people want NONzine back, and have really expressed a lot of interest in it - especially in the past couple of months.

We are willing to consider a comeback, but would really have to see some interest and come up with a way that NONzine can take a loss on printing issues. There have been a few ideas, but nothing is solid.

Continued analysis will be needed. We are going to start a debate on Facebook and/or Myspace to help the process along.

If we can generate enough interest... who knows? Please join the process and let your views be known.

Contact me if you like: or visit Facebook.

- Mike of NONzine

(November of 2008)

Hello all,

It is my sad duty to report today that NONzine will no longer be in print.

The reasons are many, from high paper prices to the economy. We have worked very hard to overcome, but it just isn’t working.

Rather than let the brand die, declare bankruptcy, and give up – we will now be an online publication.

Within two weeks, we will debut a new, content oriented, interactive site at Up to now, the site has just been done in house, and we are not professional web designers. It has served a purpose, but is not close to what we have planned.

The idea is new, and we are working on the details, so most of you will be hearing from us again next week.

A lot of work will be put into promotion, sticky content, community involvement, and branding. It is very difficult to rise above the crowd with a website – but if we can retain our (very) loyal readership - it may be possible to create a truly valuable local art and music site that people visit every day. We also have a secret hope that we will be able to print a paper version again when the economy settles down.

We do owe a few ads to some of our supporters, and will be giving generous credit for advertising and promotion on the site.

Please know that we have put countless hours, dollars, and our hearts and souls into NONzine. We pushed it as far as we could. This change in direction allows us to fulfill obligations rather than just giving up. It allows us a potential stream of revenue to slowly pay off our massive press debt.

There are things we could have done differently. We probably should have charged more for ads, but we wanted to make it affordable for anyone to advertise. We probably should have been more pushy with sales, and held people to contracts. We probably shouldn’t have given so many ads away to non-profits. We probably shouldn’t have devoted so much expensive color space to art. We should have put LASIK ads on our cover. We should have put more ads, and less content. We probably should have looked for an investor from the start, but we wanted to be independent.

So – there it is. We hope that you will have patience and work with us through this difficult time. We honestly feel that we gave more value than we charged for advertising. We hope those of you we owe a few ads to feel the same way, and know that we will make good.

You are welcome to contact us with questions, concerns, and ideas. We appreciate any press we can get for, and are available for interviews, etc.

We will continue to be involved with local art, music, and business well into the future. We believe in Oklahoma and the validity of this attempt.

NONzine loves you!

Mike of NONzine

Adrian of NONzine

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