Issue #13 July 21st - August 3rd, 2006

Live Music Review:
By: Sheridan Marquardt III

Jared Handrich (vocals, bass, guitar, drums, organ)
Dorian Small (vocals, bass, guitar, drums, organ)
Richard Haas (vocals, bass, guitar, drums, organ)
Geoffrey Burch (vocals, organ, bassoon)
Boyd “How many frickin bands does this guy play in?“ Littel (vocals, bass, guitar, drums, organ)

Web Site:
Venue: Galileo Bar and Grill
5 big ones

Quote of the night: “It’s really good shit... you’re probably so high right now, you don’t even know it!”
– overheard in the women’s restroom.

“The best band in these here parts”... that’s right I said it and I will say it again. It is amazing to me that we live in such a diverse city. If you traveled to what might be considered a more metropolitan area and asked just about anyone what they thought our fair city was like, they would probably tell you it’s nothing but oil wells and cowboys. Surely they would never believe you if you told them that one of the best reggae bands to grace the stage hail from right here in central Oklahoma. What makes me make such a statement can be summed up in one tiny word...harmonies. That’s it plain and simple.

The godfather of all things reggae, Bob Marley, had the “I Threes,” some of the most beautiful backup singers in their time, and if you want to play it right, you are going to need that sound. These guys can sing like angels, and not just on Sundays either. As all the members exchanged instruments and positions on the stage to pull out one incredible song after another, I sat in amazement. They can play whatever instrument they want and seem to prefer to change them a lot just to keep things fresh, all the while covering everything from traditional reggae to transient dub and a little bit of hip-hop. How can a band play like this and not have a record or T-shirts, or hell even a sticker for my beer refrigerator out in the garage? Well I asked them and they answered almost in unison. ”That’s easy; we spend most of our time practicing our singing.” Hallelujah, there is a band out there that understands the importance of vocalizing and what it can bring to a performance. Again folks, it all goes back to that one tiny word…harmonies.

So the next time you think that the Oklahoma City metro area has no culture, go out and see a Tincture show. You’ll feel like you have traveled to a secret place on an island, lit a big spliff and had a girl in a bikini with large breasts bring you a drink with an umbrella in it.

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