Issue #11 June 23rd - July 6th, 2006

Live Music Review:
Mama Sweet
By: Sheridan Marquardt III

Members: Aron Holt (vocals and guitar)
Alan Orebaugh(electric guitar)
Boyd Littell (bass guitar and vocals)
Giovanni “Nooch” Carnuccio(drums and vocals)

Web Site:
Venue: The Deli
5 Bucks

Quote of the night: “I think Mohawks are fuckin’ sexy!”

As I turned the corner onto White Street in Norman and saw a long line in front of the Deli, I have to admit I was a little surprised. Surely with school in summer session no body would sell out show down here. Well not only was I proved wrong, but by the end of the night I could tell not only why it was a sold out show, but knew this would not be the last of those for Mama Sweet.

When I went inside it seemed as though everybody in the joint knew every word to every song and rocked out. It was as if they were on a Reunion tour at the Zoo Amphitheater. I felt cheated or like I had missed out on something really cool since I had never seen Mama Sweet play. I was now bound and determined to join in and hoot and holler for more. With a mixture of Southern rock some red dirt and a little funky jam band, they ripped through their show of ballads and music about living the way they think it oughta be. You know, working hard then swilling whiskey and loving even harder. The music that is called red dirt is quickly becoming a favorite of both country and rock fans alike, due, I think, because of its honest relation to the common man (or woman), and Mama Sweet is all of those mixed with a shot and a beer chaser. It can’t help but make you feel better!

I pushed my way up through the crowd so I could get a better view of these guys, and they were just as I had pictured them, hometown boys doing the thing they probably love more than anything else in the world. Playing music in any place they’ll let them. For now they are working hard on their second studio album. It is coming soon and I can’t wait. If it has half the heart as their live show does, it is a classic in the making. So, when you can, go see Mama Sweet, drink some adult beverages, dance your ass off with someone you know, or hell dance your ass off with someone you don’t know! Either way you’ll have a great time and Mama Sweet will be the ones to thank.

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