Issue #7 April 28th - May 11th, 2006

DVD Review:
Immortel (ad vitam)
By: Adrian Fallwell

The immortal, Egyptian god, Horus, god of heavens and co-creator of Earth, has seven days to visit 2095 New York before he’s put to death. Confused yet? That’s only the start to this complicated, yet predictable movie by comic book author and film maker Enki Bilal. As evident by online reviews and it’s six point rating on, this movie, loosely based on Bilal’s “Nikopol” comic series, is easy to like and dislike both at the same time. The effects and overall visual appearance are incredibly stunning and surreal, much like Metropolis meets Brazil, but then sometimes they look fake and stale, like a “Power Rangers” episode. The plot branches off in several directions early in the film, but then slows in pace and ends without much climax. I went from thinking it ground-breaking to Sci-Fi Channel material, but then in retrospect, could not stop rolling it around in my head afterwards.

Thomas Kretschmann, most recently known as the ship captain in Jackson’s King Kong, plays the lead as Nikopol, a human embodied by Horus, so that he may find a certain female, played by French actress Linda Hardy, with whom he can mate with, and thereby, somehow, continue his immortality. Exactly who the main characters are, their backgrounds and such, takes most of the movie to discover. Many of the supporting characters, especially the cgi-generated ones, are one-dimensional and passionless, reminiscent of a video game, both in dialogue and delivery. However, as is often the case with sci-fi, creativity counts a lot, and the imagination behind the characters and their environment is what makes this movie hard not to like.

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