Vol. 2, Issue #9 May 25th - June 7th, 2007

Drug Media Reviews:
Book Review: The Cannabible Collection
DVD Review: The War on the War on Drugs
By: Wilhelm Murg

In 1997 Jason King set out to write the first volume of “The Cannabible,” a guide to the various high-end marijuana strains available. Now paperbacks of the original book and its two sequels are available in this handsome box set, “The Cannabible Collection” (Ten Speed Press).

King traveled the globe in search of exotic strains and beautifully photographed each plants and bud he found. The concept was to create a connoisseur smoker’s guide, based on the various cigar guides that came out during the nineties, only on pot, which was less likely to go out of style.

While the subject matter is interesting, there’s simply a lot more information here than I will ever need on ganja. King goes strain by strain into the history, cultivation, and aesthetics of each bud that comes his way. If you are one of those people who hangs the centerfold from “High Times” on your wall every month while babbling about the red hairs in the bud, the book is an orgy of obscure information. I suppose it would also be useful to people in California where the pot shops are open for business, but to us common inland people, it’s a Sears wish book without an order form, or a field guide to birds from a region we don’t live in. “The Cannabible Collection” is a beautiful set, lovingly put together, but even if you get high everyday, you don’t need to know this much about weed. (Visit tenspeed.com for more information.)

For drug information you can use, Cevin Soling, frontman for the band The Love Kills Theory, has just released his critically acclaimed “The War on the War on Drugs” (Disinformation/Disinfo.com) on DVD. Shot in the comedy sketch style of “Kentucky Fried Movie” or “Amazon Women on The Moon,” the film attacks current anti-drug policies and the propaganda surrounding it. It’s filled with information such as what to do if the cops pull you over, how to pass a drug test, and what to look for in a drug dealer, while attacking the this-is-your-brain-frying-egg sound bite world of the opposition.

The obvious comparison is to Ron Mann’s groundbreaking documentary “Grass” (2000) but while Mann had a bigger budget to work with, and was focused more on the history of the war on drugs, Soling’s film is just as serious, even if it is a comedy. In between the actual information, the comedy goes from showing that the weird nerdy kid who never got high in school is now your politician to an absurdist finger puppet show featuring multi-armed Hindu Gods. Along the way “Marihuana: Assassin of Youth” get reedited with a new soundtrack, a “Mr. Wizard” parody shows how to make Morning Glory seed “LSD,” the film demonstrates that Hitler and other fascists governments were also anti-drug, and they list cool people who did use drug (The Beatles, Hendrix, and Bob Marley) and non-drug using people you don’t want to grow up to emulate (John Tesh, Kenny G. and Ted Nugent).

The shot-on-video DVD is a little raw in parts, but the humor and information never let up. The film is worthy enough to sit between your Cheech & Chong collection and “Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.” Everyone needs to see this film.

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