Vol. 1, Issue #22 Nov. 24th - Dec. 7th, 2006

CD Review:
Dorian Small -- Contradictions
By: Zeke Bleak

Dorian Small sent a pre-release copy of his CD Contradictions to NONzine a month or more ago... which is a beautiful thing, because we get to play it almost every day. The problem is that it’s been tough coming up with a review. There just aren’t that many adjectives for “genius.”

We also don’t want to gush too much, because Dorian will think we’re kissing his “eventually to go down in music history” ass. But, well... the CD is gushable. It is pretty difficult to make a recording that so intensely pays tribute to musical influences like Beck, The Beatles, The Flamings Lips and (in my opinion) The Kinks and maintain your own identity. Dorian has done just that, beyond all expectations.

From the initial “tick” to the final “tock” every track surprises you with depth, recording quality, composition, and a feeling of nostalgic excitement. (If you’re not familiar with Dorian’s previous work with The Ghost of Monkshood, check out the CD Spider Through The Fog and you’ll understand more).

Either the settings on our NONcomputer finally got right, or Contradictions achieves a clarity of sound that will make you wonder “is this really local?” Guest vocalist Tanya Felter (Ambassador Bill, GOMH) provides her usual magic, especially on the first track “Ragged Armageddon.” There are moments on the track that make you feel okay about walking around.

The rest of the songs are equally as fun, there are many fine moments and highly talented guest musicians to round the sound out. The release is coming up December 1st in Norman, but if you’re smart you’ll get a copy early. Contradictions is available at Guestroom Records, or contact Dorian Small directly.



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