Vol. 2, Issue #19 October 12th - October 25th, 2007

CD Review: Dethklok -- Dethalbum
By: Clark Deal


With the exception of a few local acts, I haven’t bought a CD since the early days of Napster. Like most people, I still “borrow” a lot of the music that I listen to. Lately, I’ve actually been given CDs to check out and review. A bonus of being “in the loop”, I guess.

As a huge fan of [adult swim] and watching it pretty much every night, I have followed “Metalocalypse” from the very beginning. For those who live under a rock, or just don’t watch much TV, “Metalocalypse” is a show from Brendon Small (“Home Movies”) about the death metal band, DETHKLOK. On the show, DETHKLOK are the most popular band in the world. They are characteristically ignorant, almost stupid, but extremely business savvy. And since the show is about a death metal band, there is a lot of death on the show. A LOT of death. Even the economy is hinged on DETHKLOK CD releases and tours, and any DETHKLOK delays or cancellations result in mass suicides. It’s a hilariously violent epic.

So, thanks to the marketing guys at [adult swim], I was kept well aware of when THE DETHALBUM was going to hit and I knew I was going to buy this CD the day it came out. So I shelled out my hard-earned $10, and I couldn’t be happier. THIS CD IS FUCKING BRUTAL! All the songs from the show have been re-recorded and given the full-length treatment (including drumming from Gene Hoglan). Songs like “Mermaider,” a song about killing mermaids and the mermaids then seeking revenge; “Detharmonic,” a beautifully orchestrated piece about the brutality of paying taxes; and “Briefcase Full of Guts,” a song about being a door-to-door salesman/murderer, are destined to be instant classics.

I love all of the tracks, but “Go Into the Water,” a song about the human race devolving back to fish, has got the coolest guitar riff I’ve heard since Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.” The lyrics and content might sound a bit silly if you haven’t seen the show, but trust me; you’ll get it.

The lyrics are comical. The music is brutal. The CD is practically a parody of different metal albums, but even as a parody, THE DETHALBUM IS THE MOST METAL ALBUM I HAVE HEARD ALL YEAR. If you have been around me for any length of time since the release of THE DETHALBUM, you have definitely heard some of it. I listen to it in my car, at home, and I’m sure, by now, all the NONstaff are sick of hearing it as I have been playing it over and over while I’m in the studio. When I listen to THE DETHALBUM, not only do I have thoughts of all the ways I could help with population control (i.e., killing you), but I get a lot of work done as well.


“Metalocalypse” airs on [adult swim] Sundays at 10:45 p.m.

Also check out the Dethklok interview by Nathan Winfrey. Audio version on Oct. 19th broadcast of NONcast Radio on TOGiNET.com (a few clips offered below), and Nathan's interview with Metalocalypse creator, Brendon Small, audio version on Oct. 12th broadcast of NONcast Radio on TOGiNET.com.

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