Vol. 3, Issue #2 January 25th - February 7th, 2008

CD Review: Buffalofitz
By: Zeke Bleak

Chances are that you’ve seen or heard the Buffalo, and the Fitz - at the legendary Red Cup maybe, or somewhere else, and you remember. These guys are memorable. The combination of skilled musicianship, thoughtful song writing, and voices that compliment the history of American music is pretty rare.

Buffalofitz has got a CD now! You may be thinking, “so - it can’t be as good as listening to them live.” You are wrong. The Buffalo strokes that mandolin like a sticky kitten - it purrs into the harmonies, barely even hissing at that old dog guitar Fitz is scratching - and it all comes through on the recording.

Did that work? Well, anyway. The CD showed up at the NONcave just in time - we gave it two deadline listens. Striking Okieupbeat tracks like St. Paul make you forget to grieve for Croce for a minute.

LA County Fair, a song about dating a punk rock grrrl, is a reflective look at appreciating who you really are, and where home is.

We are going to press now, so I can’t write about all the tracks. The CD release is at Sauced on Paseo (tonight if you picked this up Friday afternoon the 25th of January.) If you miss it, you can get Fitz Jennings and Buffalo Rogers on the web and myspace.

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