Issue #5 March 31st - April 13th, 2006

DVD Review:
The Brown Bunny
By: Deaf Jake

The Brown Bunny, directed by and starring Vincent Gallo, is a sobering reminder of reality. After reading the quote by Elizabeth Schwarzbawn of Entertainment Weekly saying “... no one in America will ever see a frame of this film..,” I knew I had to get it. The movie paints a picture of a disturbed motorcycle racer, Bud Clay, and his journey from New Hampshire to California. I find myself watching most movies and being the annoying guy that scoffs at every instance that defies logic or physics. This film, however, never let me do that. Even though, I admit, you have to be in the “right frame of mind” to watch it. Each scene is laid out like a painting, to be viewed and drawn into, seeing the truth flash before your eyes in a brilliant spectrum of color. Any person could be the star. The self-absorptive nature of the film makes you want to be. There are questions left unanswered but that is the beauty of it. Chloë Sevigny costars in her 16th film and it lives up to every moment of Kids or American Psycho. I must warn you though! Don’t watch this movie with grandma unless she has taken her heart medicine and is a pretty cool broad. There are not many movies that leave me screaming “What the fuck,” while laughing at the end of them but this one sure did. I’m not sure if this is one of the best and most artisic films I have ever seen in a while, an elaborate attempt to get a blowjob from Chloë Sevigny or a combination of the two. Either way, it’s worth taking a gander.

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