Vol. 2, Issue #5 March 30th - April 12th, 2007

Pity the Fool
By: Brandy Dotson

With the 3rd bout on the way, the Tornado Alley Rollergirls are taking OKC by storm quite possibly becoming the next best thing since fried apple pie on a stick. These lovely ladies of chaotic carnage have shoved and skated their way into the hearts of fans young and old, round and small, male and female, rich and poor….okay you get the point. So, if you don’t know what it’s all about yet my fellow NONzinians, let me give you a break down so when you show up at the Rockin’ Roller Rink in Edmond on April 1st, you’ll know what’s going on while you drink beer and drool over scantily clad cuties on skates.

The game is played with five women from each team on the track. Each team during each jam, or round, consists of a jammer, a pivot, and three blockers. It is the jammers job to score points by getting through the pack of blockers with the help of her teammates. The jammer then scores a point for every opposing teammate that she passes on the track during the jam.

The jam can last up to two minutes although it ends before that if the “lead” jammer calls it off. The lead jammer is the first jammer to pass the pack during the jam. There can be an unlimited number of jams during a game period, but each period is only 20 minutes long so the average period will have about 10-12 jams.

If the game itself isn’t confusing enough, add in the fact that this is an extreme collision sport that is often more brutal than hockey. In this game, legs get broken, ribs are cracked, and heads are severed…okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but it is very dangerous. Direct violence and fights are penalized but sometimes happen and the injuries are real, it’s not like pro wrestling. In roller derby none of the tumbles, kicks, or fists ablaze are staged.

“All of the falls and bruises are very real. We have had some very serious injuries that have sent some girls to the ER and even some to surgery,” stated Sally Strych 9, a skater for the Victory Dolls.

Despite the danger of the sport, the league has had a lot of success in the area recruiting members and promoting the sport.

Since it was first started last April, the league has grown into a booming all-female phenomenon. Now, one year after it’s original debut, the girls are selling out crowds, doing local community fundraisers, and get this…at the next bout Discover Oklahoma will be filming these girls into local celebrities.

So whether you’re into football, music or chick flicks come check the Tornado Alley Rollergirls out. They’ve got enough theatrical antics and estrogen to keep anyone screaming on the edge of their seats.

Tickets for the “I Pity the Fool” bout to be held April 1st at 7:00 p.m. can be found online at www.okclive.com or can be purchased from a local rollergirl or one of their sponsors. Local band Syke! will be playing the halftime show and Belle Isle Brewery is bringing the beer so let’s all have a pissing good time. See you at the bout!

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