Vol. 3, Issue #3 February 8th - February 21st, 2008

Native Roots - Organic in Norman
By: Ryan David Croft

Do you think a grocery store that is local, healthy and actually cares about the people who buy its food is old-fashioned and outdated? Or that only selling organic foods and recycling over 90 per cent of used materials is a nice idea, but wholly impractical for making a profit? Think again! Native Roots Market is Norman’s new all-organic grocery store, located at 132 West Main Street, and it’s here to prove that it really is smart to care.

“Our statement is basically ‘to provide the best food in the world for people,’” said co-owner Sara Kaplan. Kaplan, along with business partner Matt Runkle, opened Native Roots in August 2007 with the seemingly simple idea of providing people with the healthiest food possible provided by local farmers and ranchers. Over forty-percent of their products come from suppliers right here in Oklahoma.

“If you have a question about the food you’re buying, you can call the supplier while you’re here in the store and ask them. You don’t get that kind of service at Wal Mart,” she said.

The selection goes far beyond just fruits and veggies. In fact, almost anything you can find in a regular grocery store can be found here: meat, liquid house cleaners, plastic bags, aluminum foil, tea, chocolate, milk and even a spice bar where you can buy “spices by the pinch.”

Runkle emphasized that everything in the store is 100% organic: “Everything here, everything you see is all organic; we don’t carry anything that’s not.”

Besides providing a wide selection of the most environmentally friendly and healthy foods around, Native Roots devotes much of its time, effort and money to the community and charity. For every shopping bag you bring in and use, they will donate 11 cents to a charity of your choosing.

If you need more of a reason to check them out, Friday, February 29 is their 2008 “What-a-Crock” crock-pot cookout challenge. For five-dollars, you can enter your favorite crock-pot dish or just taste and vote.

If you want more information on the cookout, the food or if you have any other questions, visit www.nativerootsmarket.com or call (405) 310-6300.

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