Vol. 3, Issue #3 February 8th - February 21st, 2008

Firefly Clothing - Trendy Affordable
By: Nathan Winfrey

If your wardrobe is filled with cheesy-slogan t-shirts and cookie-cutter styles from the mall or Target, or if you still haven’t thrown out those denim cutoff shorts, it might be time for a trip to Firefly Clothing in Bricktown. There, you can keep up with the latest trends without maxing out your credit cards.

“I moved from LA, and the first time I went to the mall and looked at the clothes, I just cried,” said buyer/store manager Lindsey Cummings.

Cummings felt the same way many residential transplants probably do until they realize there is an alternative to skull-covered Affliction shirts and the latest T&A euphemism-emblazoned garment from American Eagle. At Firefly, you can find distinctive clothes that will help you construct your unique look, without risking pubic lice at a local garage sale.

“It’s trendy, accessible fashion. It’s stylish, but easy to put together,” Cummings said. “We provide a large selection and lower quantities, so you’re not going to walk down the street and see everyone wearing the same outfit as you.”

You’ll likely also pay a lot less than those who bought the same brands on trips to the east or west coast, something that surprises most people hesitant to check out the store because they expect more zeros on the price tags than their paychecks can cover.
“We are a trendy boutique with a surprisingly low cost,” Cummings said. “We have lower prices and a broader selection.”

You can expect something new just about every week, since styles come and go so quickly. If you browse the racks in February, chances are you’ll see mostly new merchandise in March.

At Firefly, you can also find jewelry, necklaces, purses, shoes, scarves, headbands, tights, makeup and most anything else you can accessorize an outfit with. And it’s not just skirts, trendy tops and girls’ jeans, either: there’s plenty in stock for men as well. Brands like Cadillac Cowboy, American Apparel, Dead City and Junk Food are just a few of the labels on Firefly’s shelves offering current men’s fashion.

The idea for a store like Firefly in the heart of the Heartland first sparked when owner Bernard Davis, originally from Oklahoma, moved to Dallas and discovered that a lot of people shopping in West End boutiques were from Oklahoma as well. From there, it just made sense to bring that type of shopping experience back home.

The first Firefly location opened its doors on July 4, 2005 at 208 Johnny Bench Drive, right next to Sonic in front of Harkins Theatres. A year ago, Davis opened an appointment-only Firefly private showroom/salon in downtown Dallas. Online shopping is available at fireflytrend.com.

Every two months, Firefly hosts “Up & Coming” boutique trunk shows to showcase the work of local artists and designers, with an after-party at Venu. Check myspace.com/fireflytrends for updates.

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