Vol. 3, Issue #20 Oct. 24th - Nov. 7th, 2008

The Beatnix Cafe: Downtown Hub Provides Comfortable, Creative Atmosphere... along with the required BUZZZZ!
By: Zeke Bleak

So I got sent on another NONzine “local business spotlight” - not a bad gig, usually not too stimulating, you pretty much talk about the same old thaing, you know? This time it was the Beatnix Cafe at 136 NW 13th in Downtown OKC. I met the owner, Dave Filkins, at 3pm... by 3:30, I was talking about as fast as a pundit after consuming two of the zippiest coffees I’ve had the pleasure not to have to pay for. I took an Americano, my normal jab, but it was some exotic roast and had this almost smoky and the bandit feel that made me drink it too fast. “Dave, man, this is great, seriously, I mean, where’s the bitter taste and aww man this is different huh, where’s the sugar I want to see what it tastes like with sugar even though I don’t normally put sugar in it because it’s an abomination and all, you know what I mean do you taste the smoky aftertaste?”

“Well, you think that’s good, check this out. Dave interrupted (he had to), “This, my felt hatted friend, is a French Press. You ever had one of these?”

“Had, well now, I mean I’ve seen them but I haven’t had one but I knew this one guy who stole one...”

“Well this is how it works, ok now, hold on, gentle pressure. Taste that.”

“Ummmmm, that’s... well, hold on. Wow. Those French guys really know how to fancy stuff up, I’m not usually into the fancy stuff.”

“We have all kinds of fancy stuff here at Beatnix, you should think about expanding your parameters a bit.”

Of course, Dave is a very wise man. I drank a warm milk and settled down some, and wandered around the place a bit while Dave tended to the constant stream of customers coming in the door. They all seemed to be regulars.

Beatnix is more than just good coffee, they’ve got breakfast and lunch, gourmet tea, smoothies, and wheatgrass shots. There is local art on every inch of wall space, gifts, free wi-fi, and memorabilia.

“I want Beatnix to share a sense of history and identity with the people that relax here. People have to be comfortable to express ideas and art.”

Beatnix is working on expanding into the space next door, which will double their seating capacity and wall space.

“Yeah, we’ll have a lot more room for art when we finish the addition, so tell the artists you know they have another place to share their work!”
Musicians should check out Beatnix as well, they currently have live music on Thursdays and will likely do more booking soon.

Many thanks to Dave for the coffee!

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