Vol. 3, Issue #19 Oct. 10th - Oct. 23rd, 2008


Beamed out of My Mind:
Murdering Weather

By: H. Barry Zimmerman


Would’a bee
n born
(So What!)

The Susan Atkins Diet is recording on Game Day.
I was fortunate enough to’ve been at the abstract quartet’s virgin practice. I was really impressed with the long musical bits. The group doesn’t believe in song writing, “It’s been done to Death, verse, verse, chorus, middle 8, chorus, chorus, boom, good night.”
When you hear the Norman group there is a super-sonic/ squeal army element with the weirdest twin lead guitar style is omnipotent in a small universe.

It is Oct. 8 and tomorrow will be John Lennon’s birthday the 9th, NONzine drops on the 10th (David Lee Roth’s birthday)
Happy Birthday dear John-haun, Happy (belated) 68th birthday (to be or not to be…that is the squashed cream pie.

Yesterday was John Cougar’s birthday, three days ago.

Phase two of metal begins with the release of Van Halen I in the month of Disco, it literally killed Bob Segar (even though he’s still walking ‘round)

(Who is the top three post Eddie (the burner) bands?)

3. Van Halen (the first four albums)
David Lee Roth would love to share his birthday (fudge) cake with you…who knows?
2. Carcass, the BEAST from Liverpool
The real evil drill
1. Slayer!

That’s right! No fucking Metalica.

Had all four members of Metalica died in the bus wreck that killed Cliff Burton Metalica would be haled as the Devil in Devilville. Lars just out lived his legend. James has dreams where Lars is being eaten alive by retched angels. Kirk digs his new boots.

(Man, are you killing me with Van Halen? They sucked harder than Metalica)

3. Gwar

Mikey’s choice: Mama Sweet (“That guy sounds just like Steve Earle.”)

It will be reported next week that Republican hopeful John McCain has been romantically linked to British thespian Peter O’Toole since the two of them were introduced at an LSD party in 1974 in the Hollywood Hills.
John McCain will admit to the affair, swing the liberal vote, become President, dies in a bizarre sleeping accident; Sarah Palin becomes President, and drop THE BOMB that will end the world, amen. Rock today; watch a horror movie, boo.


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