Vol. 3, Issue #17 Sept. 12th - Sept. 26th, 2008


Beamed out of My Mind:
Nouns Doing Verbs

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

This is some crazy shit happening here.
We are a small it in the MASSIVE IT,
bits playing in the wading pool,
griping and moaning about made up shit.
Me too, I’m not pointing, I’m examining.
I’m confused, swimming in the abundance.

The made up shit is important; the made up shit is our lives, our plotlines, our concerns, our psyches working hard to make sense out of the abundance within the abundance. The subject matter that turns us on or bugs us silly, this is who we are; our lovers, hobbies, careers, and our obsessions.

I personally am obsessed with serial murder, Rock, art, poetry, re-dick-ulous TV, watching the grass grow, contemplating questions that occur within my mini universe of “I” (God this guy just will NOT shut up), can I get a yabba-dabba-doo? Can I get a Gabba Gabba Hey? Can I get a Yamma-Lamma-ding-dong? Can I get a seafood linguine? (What does that mean?)

Idea for an Art Show: Person dressed in Janitor-style coveralls waxes a wooden floor for the audience; transformation, evolvement, work, beautiful…

Idea for an Art Show 2: the crowd gathers at a domestic street corner watching how the street looks differently in sunlight to street lamp light, observe 3 p.m. until 3 a.m., and notice how different the same scene is under different circumstances.

Idea for a short film: Split screen, left screen a person lies in a bed dying (their last 30 minutes—Right screen a baby being born, 30 minutes of labor followed by the exiting baby—followed by 30 minutes of a theater audience watching the split screen images of death and birth, black screen…”Is this all there is?”—artsy-fartsy made up shit…

If you Voted for George W. Bush for President and especially if you Voted for him twice (yuck) please excuse yourself from the November election ‘08—You Suck, it’s on your permanent record thanks to the BIG Ear in the Sky. Stop before YOU KILL AGAIN.

My dog pooped in our neighbors yard—Petunia for President at the R2 Party.

New This Week on my Nano

5. Obituary—Cause of Death
4. The Locust—Follow the Sheep, Sleep in Shit
3. Method Man—Tical
2. Carcass—Heartwork
1. The Locust—The Locust

Do it RAW, Rock on.


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