Vol. 3, Issue #14 August 1st - August 14th, 2008


Beamed out of My Mind:
Square Clock Blues

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

Pruning a
Eye Glass burning a
Red rubber ant

The Sidewalk

Is a Bear Trap

At The Data
On the imaginary
W e a ther(e) Map

I smell
Sweat and
Mop water

Rock Show

Thursday night, midnight, trekking through dark campus scenery; bright light, shadows of landscaping, me on the walls, the sound of water fountains and automatic sprinklers.
I’m going to The Deli.
Joe 500 meets me out front and we discuss The Ethereals set (I missed it)
“We did three new songs tonight, I thought that over all it went better than I thought it would. The crowd got into it”, Joe 500 says as I help him load amps into his car,” I always like playing with Locust Avenue, they’re my favorite band.”
Locust Avenue, a Norman quad-piece song based Rock outfit did not disappoint 500’s hype.
Makes my big toe shoot up in my boot.

While reading a book on Jungian dream interpretation, I got into some self analysis that ran and ran and landed on one clear fact, I’m scared.
I’m scared that if God exists I am going to Hell and if God doesn’t exist that this life is a Deathtrap.
Either way, I’m scared that there is No Hope.

Then I ask myself as I sat stunned with the results of my search through Planet Self I asked myself why do I Love my records. Why can I listen to albums again and again and not get sick of them?
Music gives me Hope.
Art gives me Hope.
Granted its not eternal hope or Big Sphere of Consciousness hope but in this world I’ll take what I can get.
Art is a flash of hope, hope that beauty is important enough to share, and that relating to an artist’s psyche or aesthetic gifts is revered and that the results of human creation touches people like a flash of hope and that makes me ecstatic.
I feel the hope.
If there is no God and there is no eternal hope at least we got the beauty makers and the wild ideanics to let us have Hope for now, now is the Big X of existence and Hope makes Now worth enjoying.
Things that we will learn when we die like “Are we fucked?”, mess with my Now sometimes, but I’ve always got The Beatles, Jack Kerouac, Pablo Picasso, and The Boondocks to make me forget the cosmic questions, so that I can lean on the hope that is available...

In the town where I was born lived a man who sailed to sea.

Hope’s away.


Top 5 new additions to my Nano this week:

5. The Vandals—Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
4. Bucket Full of Teeth—IV
3. Led Zeppelin—II
2. Sonic Youth—The Destroyed Room
1. The Rolling Stones—Beggars Banquet

Rock on Chicago, Rock on London.


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