Vol. 3, Issue #11 June 20th - July 3rd, 2008


Beamed out of My Mind:
Black Watch, Red Dog

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

Mikey recommends local punk Rock band Maximum Homeless Guy, 100%.
I have seen MHG on two occasions, the last time the OKC trio opened for gutter Rock museum piece and dead serious Rockers The Murder Junkies, at OKC’s The Conservatory.
(FYI) The Murder Junkies still features (naked) Dino Sex behind the drum kit (some of the Time) with his Technicolor beard and wild-ass hair (Dino stuck his drumstickS up his ass at the end of The Murder Junkies set, I saw a Guy give Dino a 10-spot for the pair of sticks, commerce and Love) and (“THE GREATEST MUSICIAN IN THE WORLD”) Merle Allen, bassist and brother of punk Rock Super-Legend G.G. Allen. G.G. is an American Punk Rock Zeus and King ASSHOLE, G.G. the Martyr of Hate and Death, XXXcess, Brutality, God Awfulness wrapped in the Soul of a sick Mother Fucker who threw his Id like a shitball catapulted with a tight spring flinging punk Death on Parade
G.G. of course has been dead for yrs--Dino was naked at G.G.’s Fun eral. It’s NO act.
The Murder Junkies are”4 real”
But, at ten o’clock…
Maximum Homeless Guy were Fan tastic, the musicians are “working hard” tight, Fun ny, Ballsy, Hilarious and bringing old school classicism to the Big ’08, They do Rock!
Mikey is always Right..
Free CD’s available at the Maximum Homeless Guy’s Merch Table, the Album is Big Label Rocking G-doubleO- D, MHG is Big League Good.
July 29th @ The Deli on White Street, Campus Corner, Norman, (Where the weirdoes are out Front and running Free in the Shadows), Maximum Homeless Guy will offend yr Mother and that’s good, because that means it’s subversive and Rockin’.
Always listen to yr Mother.


I picked my nose
Looked at the goo on my finger’s tips
What else was I
Leaving be hind?

Bath tub scum Diary

Splotches on the floor
dead cells
In the Wind

I’m Everywhere

-HBZ (keep going, more on next page...)

The Libertine’s album Up the Bracket is proof that Drugs are beneficial to the Ab so lute Greater Picture, the Art Show of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Personal health is Not the issue, Is the Art Show Universe made more Perfect by your Ab so lute contributions? The melodies, lyrics, heart, and nasty balls, man, I listened to Up the Bracket endlessly for three days. I can NOT get sick of The Libertines, I’m trying.
Go Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Can anyone tell me how much a “Bob” is worth?

Nico Cortez, the latest lead guitarist in local Sneaker Gazer outfit The Ethereals is this weeks Expander.=. Nico’s country style wales with a Healthy amount of low end muscle. Nico is bringing something new to the scene and to The Ethereals overall sound which is meatier and more exciting with Nico’s arrival.

2045 A.D.: George Bush sits in a Heavy Slump being stung again and again by baseball-size bees while having a steaming hot, jagged, unprincipled club of beesplaying abusive games of Evil Joy, piercing George eternally bloody, George can’t scream, He has NO Tongue, He can’t see, the bees have stung his eyes useless, W. can hear endless sobbing of wounded soldiers and crying children and He is burning in a Gas-o-line fire.

Have a nice day people…


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