Vol. 3, Issue #8 April 18th - March 1st, 2008

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Beamed out of My Mind:
Where Is the Man with the Lightbulb Head?

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

Keith Moon.
The Moon.

I dreamed I made a Rocket out of Al-u-minium foil and the lids of 73 Vodka bottles. The Rocket flew on imaginary Gas which smelled like boiled eggs and Petunias.

I Piloted the (witch)Craft: The Hand of God III, flying to The Moon..
Space Travel is a re-occurring theme in my Dreams, since 1969.

I landed on The Moon, which was made of cheese and fashioned to resemble legendary drummer Keith Moon. I landed on top of Keith’s top hat.

Fortunately I had stowed a loaf of French French Bread in my uniform/ coveralls along with a rather Large bottle of French Vanilla wine which I kept in my Left Boot for such a time.
I Feasted my way down to the center of The Moon which was also the Head of Keith Moon of The Who who was Crazy as a Drunk Loon on Drunk Pills.

There I found a Treasure Chest.
As I opened The Chest, I woke up.

Next Dream flight out of my Head from my Sleeping Bed It’s back to The Moon to see what was in Keith Moon’s Head. I might need some.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Garage Sale was The Biggest Ever.

Tickets for Rock ‘n’ Roll Garage Sale 2028 go on sell this summer; it will be in The Ford Center, featuring The Buzzcocks last live performance. Tickets are $300.

Barb of BARB Co. and Mayor of oklahomapunkscene.com had aimed for the wall and found the parking lot full and down the street.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Garage Sale is presently my favorite local tradition (not counting Tex/ Mex and Pizza Shuttle.)

Whenever you see the three guys from local cool dudes Rock Band, The Electric Primadonnas together they ALWAYS look like a prefect Band Photo, no matter when you see them and you can watch them and they are Never a Bad Shot.

The Electric Primadonnas will be playing their unique super-group rock ‘n’ pop music LIVE at The Red Room (formerly The Liquid Lounge and/ or Closed) on the Day of NORMANFEST. Drop in; give your ears a Taste.

The little one sure can put away the pizza.

I walked Home, early a.m. loving the wind, thinking about The Sun and who it might be warming. It’s warming Iraq and Afghanistan so that The War can continue. It’s impossible for me not to Think about The World that way.

It’s all Everything flying around The Sun and that means War and that means Peace. I walk with school bag, I can see The Moon, an Unknown (to me) Planet, lost in the wind, It’s GREAT to be ALIVE.

Brian Jones DIED FOR YOUR SINS, so Live it UP.


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