Vol. 3, Issue #6 March 21st - April 3rd, 2008

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Beamed out of My Mind:
The Devil, The Queen, and The God of Rock 'n' Roll

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

In 1957, under Canadian sycamore trees, two boys made a pact with The Devil, The Queen, and The God of Rock ‘n’ Roll, baby boys Neil Young and John Kay (Steppenwolf) lowered their heads and signed in blood, standard stuff.

Deals were made all over the world and this was one of them…

Steppenwolf formed originally as The Sparrows (symbolically) they flew down to Los Angels (the angels) as did Neil Young illegally, criminal on the run, hooks up with Stephen Stills in a traffic jam, entering paradise in synchronicity, Buffalo Springfield forms, Steppenwolf Rocks on releasing the “idea” of actual Freedom. Neil is the Sorrow and the turned on-ness of Being Alive to “feel it” like a Hurricane.

This is a wicked lot, these were American Revolutionaries. L.A. and San Francisco were tripping’ the cartoon sphinx, finding God in colors and light, like primitive angels. The moon got weird in that pocket and there we find The Doors (in order of badness), Frank Zappa and the Mothers, Credence Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Fifty Foot Hose, Blue Cheer, The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, The Electric Prunes, The Strawberry Alarmclock, The Chocolate Watchbands, The Rascals, and then something Happened…? An Invention.

One night at “The Airplane House” the home of Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby from The Byrds, Graham Nash from the British poppers The Hollies, and Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield (friend of Canadian Neil Young.) sang for the first time together, Grace Slick suggested that they “Get together.”

It was reported later that Grace actually wanted the three of them to get naked and fool around with each other so that she could watch.

“History works in the most cosmic shapes and forms of misunderstandings that work out best for everyone” Grace Slick told The German Press (1993),”Everyone except Grace, gets to…” (Passing out, before AA changed her Life.)

Crosby, Stills, and Nash, or the first American Super-Group, with the forth member of the Hippie Justice League, Neil Young, spread a lot of Truth and Honest feelings, subversive dialogue snuck into our fortress by The Trojan Horse of records and pop culture, defiance, lonely, coldness, blues of Being, as I received them through my stereo, MILLIONS of us, turned on and touched by the Great L.A. / S,F, ‘66 pocket and especially by the Great Neil Young.

Neil Young wrote the song “Ohio” about the Kent State “incident” in which the National Guard shot and killed unarmed students at Ohio State, two weeks later the song was on the radio…Mass Awareness.

When Neil Young plays the piano 37% of men above 27 will instantly weep.

Steppenwolf composed the anthem for The American Biker (“Born to be Wild”), The Drug Dealer (“The Pusher”), both of which are featured in the first ten minutes of the Landmark Hippie Opus, Easy Rider.

John Kay toured constantly in a Spinal Tap-like side show version of Steppenwolf until very recently when lead singer/ Canadian visionary John Kay confessed, “The press has driven me out of the business, and I just couldn’t shake the GODDAMN pop-a-rot-sy man.”

John Kay was most recently featured in the gossip press for his admission to A.) Having a fifteen inch Penis-deluxe size Penis and that B.) He and Neil Young made a deal with The Devil, The Queen, and The God of Rock ‘n’ Roll or The Ultimate Three-Piece.

Some of the Great geographic deals were:

1. Frank Zappa and John Waters in the notorious Baltimore control by creation of a great deal of artistic mischief.

2. Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Chris Buck (10,000 Maniacs) two bands never seemed more like a movement.

3. The Oasis Brothers are obviously cursed to Hell.

4. Alice Cooper and Jim Morrison drank The Devil’s last beer together when they were 3 and 5 years old, respectively. Alice hopes to meet The Devil on the Golf Course and talk him out of His Deal.

5. Wayne Coyne and Barry Switzer were in the same Stucky’s along Indian Nation Turnpike; a deal went down by the horses and the plastic swords.

Good Luck with your Deal.


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