Vol. 3, Issue #5 March 7th - March 20th, 2008

O))) 16

Beamed out of My Mind:
Dread and Freedom are the Same Thing

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

PICKLE: Ripples of Cast-iron Needles
Penetrate and BECOME Mental Illness—

Dead bodies in WAR are road signs
To the future…

Suicide/ State-side

Pray if You Pray.

Hang George Bush
on the 4th of July…on Pennsylvania Avenue
Before the FIREWORKS.


Manroom Poem: Che on a coffee cup/ He would HATE that shit/ Revolution Deniro/ Occupied by Cool Stuff/ Che would Kill us all (Paul).

This week in The Manroom, listening to Band on the Run, Paul McCartney and Wings aka—Paul, Denny Lane (Moody Blues) and Linda McCartney (the good one). The 1973 record is McCartney’s (solo) masterpiece, lots of raw rock and of course Paul likes the circus and Paul digs a Love song, and Paul enjoys being silly, it’s All Here, enchanted with the Optimistic Beatle Paul M..

Let me roll it to ya…Paul is a Good Boy.

Fixing the Hole
wHere the Rain gets IN and
Starts my Mind a wondering wHere it will go.

Six ft. Six, American PUNK ROCK God Tescoe Vee is coming to OKC’s Conservatory (next to Size Records) on March 22nd—MEATMEN, MEATMEN, MEATMEN…this is a Chance of a Punk Rock life.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Retirement Village 2048: Grey Punk riding skateboards in the hall, Grey Punks with faded tattoos, Led Zeppelin blaring down the hallway. Grey Bands practicing in sound-proof cubicles, Grey Bands battling on Friday night for Grey Hearts and the blue ribbon of extra morphine. Grey Punks Giving in to Dementia, Grey Punks staring into Space. The kids will think that We are such a Bore.

Manroom Poem II: Shine yer cart-wheel/ Brace yer smart grill/ Vacate the Art Field/ Find solace in the wicked thrill/ of Pushing the Big Stick in my Mind Mill/ Believing that as an act of pure will/ I get Locked in a Bad Deal in a MINE Field/ Martyr crosses on Head Hill/ Practicing games on a Cold Chill/ Miners drilling out the thought steel/ Get Real/ Pay Bill/ Drop DEAD and vacate skill.

Short Movie Idea: Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, as teens in the modern world.

Quote of the Day: “You do not have to be a Chamber—to be Haunted” –Emily Dickenson

(My) Top 5 favorite American Psychopaths:

5. Charles Whitman, The UT Tower Shooter, a military trained sniper, He had a tumor in His Brain and His Father took the blame
4. The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, he had groupies
3. Charles Manson, The anti-Christ of pop culture
2. John Wayne Gacy, He had Cops over for dinner, bodies in the crawl spaces
1. Bill O. he keeps HATE employed

The Slits are Coming 2!!!


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