Vol. 3, Issue #3 February 8th - February 21st, 2008

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Beamed out of My Mind:
The local Newz takes over The Rock Report

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

In a tree in the front yard is a glowing yellow cat that can tell your future but cannot relay in any audible way the information about days to come. She’s groovin’ on the sun. She’s purring with hope.

I am a skull on an assemblage of bones covered in muscle and flesh.

The world is covered with these assemblages; you may know some of them.

The Assemblage roams around like elk, 6,000,000,000 Assemblages breathing in air and moving towards game and watering holes and mating opportunities. Each Assemblage deciding which of the known Assemblages is the most worthy of admiration for their talents, essence or tone, passing on high praise and dollars and cents.

The elk never evolved up the species hierarchy enough to get commerce in between themselves and eating and finding shelter.

The Assemblage mass is dying off and reproducing offspring like a fish in the air out of the water and heading downwards, living dry headed for the cold blurry deeps.

Assemblages beware: go on an Adventure, learn something, and shout like brother wolf and sister fox; breakdown is imperative.

Rock on, be nice.

Songwriting is dead; it’s been done to Death.

Get together and play like the birds, the locust and the animals. Acknowledge the mud and the glue that calls us all to howl with electric force. Start a band that makes it up and gives us all a moment of pure creativity. Be afraid to do it and do it in the road, give it to us and share how you are right now right now. Be a part of the future and throw away chord structures and templates of order. The 21st century is the century of chaos. Join the wave of chaos. Don’t be pretentious man, this isn’t the “I” show—6,000,000,000 Assemblages baby, killing time stuck here with you (Come on now/ Entertain us.)

ASTROCHRIST! Be with you Rockers.

Three nights ago while visiting an enchanted friend of mine who summoned the dead. We talked to Mark Twain who said that he endorsed shutting down the poles and shooting those in charge for high treason, “Burn the sorry lot.”

Woody Guthrie said to stop the train, and drive the rats from the sleeping cars.

Thomas Jefferson was disgusted with what had become of his good ideas, “Locke and Hobbes are going to kill me.”

Call off the election and close down the carnival, the freak show has taken over the midway.

Jesus is not down with bombs and water board torture, if you are and you are hoping for Heaven you should consider changing your position. Otherwise don’t mind the demons, they’re free for eternity.

Me, I don’t know what’ll happen when we die—never died.

Rock on, be kind.

Nano BZ top 5 Records Blastin’

5. Stone Roses: The Complete Stone Roses

4. The Jam: This is the Modern World


2. Lightning Bolt: Wonderful Rainbow

1. Johnny Marr & the Healers: Boomslang


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