Vol. 3, Issue #2 January 25th - February 7th, 2008

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Beamed out of My Mind:
The local Newz takes over The Rock Report

By: H. Barry Zimmerman

Newz Star—In campaign news, The Beatles song “Come Together” (Abbey Road) was written by John Lennon (presently dead) as a campaign theme song for LSD guru Timothy Leary’s run for Governor of California. Leary was prevented from running by a previous cannabis conviction. Come together over me indeed…(next) This weekend January 26 (it’s going to be a full moon) if you would like to visit ‘60s freak-out and get fuzz toned culture, Bay Area power trio and godfathers of American acid rock, Blue Cheer will play Saturday night at The Conservatory.

Newz Star II—I am standing in a deserted parking lot across town from The Conservatory, traffic was harsh and I just didn’t feel like battling my way over there, a blacked out parking lot is a blacked out parking lot, am I right?

Blue Cheer had international fame on the back of their psychedelic version of Eddie Cochran’s classic “Summertime Blues” which features one of the most spasmodic hippie guitar tones ever recorded. The drums on that track are primitive and resonating and Dickie Peterson is in the pocket playing blues bass loose and thick and waling a throat screeching vocal that resembles a bloody revolution.

The last time Blue Cheer played in OKC I met Dickie and he’s super-cool.
It was 2 a.m. and he and I are out back behind The Conservatory (next to the dumpster, classy) and Dickie says, “I can’t see a thing; I need to put on my glasses.”
I thought he was going to pull out some grandpa eye glasses. Dickie pulls his mirror shades out and slides them on coolly. “That’s better,” he grinned and we talked about Rock.

This is an opportunity to see a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history and get rocked into oblivion. It’s going to be a big Rock trip.

Manroom radio, which is broadcast to me alone from the bunker, a.k.a. Manroom, has been jamming mainly from two camps—Mikey brought me a crate of ‘70s jazz records and then I’ve been listening to Grand Funk Railroad’s masterpiece of power trio rock Grand Funk (Grand Funk was obviously influenced by Blue Cheer).

Camp A
1. Chick Corea
2. Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan’s violinist—“Hurricane”)
3. Freddie Hubbard
4. Return to Forever
5. Bill Laswell

Camp B
1. Grand Funk Railroad—Grand Funk

War is not a dance competition or a debate, the way you can tell is that there is no body count which accompanies the cha-cha.
In 2000 K. Rove made boys kissing in a church over shadow the fact that G.W. Bush was in no way prepared to be president.
Now they have got the economy in front of The War.
Nobody is willing to say “Let’s stop it.”
Nobody that hasn’t seen alien crafts anyway.
Nobody that’s going to be president, that’s for sure.
In case anyone is interested there is A WAR going on and that means dead matter in flag covered boxes.
Does anyone remember laughter?

Long live Sam the Butcher—he rocked Alice’s world.


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