Vol. 2, Issue #12 July 6th - July 19th, 2007

UFO Couch
Couch By: Hugh Meade

So, when local artist Hugh Meade found out he was on the short list to be the craftsman chosen to make this special piece of custom furniture, he started planning it out in his mind. When he found out he was THE MAN, his mind exploded.

It is a couch of eclipse. An eclipse of Mr. Wayne Coyne and Scott Booker, who will chat on it before it is auctioned off at Dfest to benefit a non-profit for musicians. This couch is an eclipse of alien suns. The vinyl upholstery material is a Hot Pink Naugahyde Zodiac. It’s glittery, like old bicycle seats, and diner booths.

Hugh says “this is a one-of-a-kind piece. I will not ever make another exactly like it, and I put the same amount of effort and creativity into it as I have any other piece I have made. The budget for this project from the D-fest organization was, let’s say “modest”, and I really did my best to give them something above and beyond their expectations when this project was conceived.”

The UFO COUCH is NOT YET TITLED! As a matter of fact, Hugh is offering ETERNAL FAME and CREDIT to whomever comes up with he best title for it! Deadline for suggestions is July 20th, e-mail Hugh with yours: artifactor@earthlink.net or myspace.com/the_artifactor

Enjoy these EXCLUSIVE work in progress photos on this page, and glance to your right for very very neat photos of the UFO COUCH debut photo session at LiT. The setting could not have been more perfect, LiT has built a great stage for their upcoming LIVE MUSIC focus, good news for a location right on Flaming Lips Alley in Brictown!

The professional photos at the bottom of this page were provided by Paul Wilkes in community with Red House Studios (see NONzine June 8th, 2007). The Models are Nicole and Jason Moan of Rampage, sporting their fancy NONzine corsets (see NONzine May 25th, 2007. Whew! You get to Dfest July 27th and 28th and bid!

Do you like the UFO COUCH? Of course you do. If you don’t win it at Dfest, you could always contact the artist HUGH MEADE and have you very own custom piece of furniture made.

How would you do that? Well, use the internet and e-mail Hugh:
artifactor@earthlink.net or, if you want, www.myspace.com/the_artifactor.

A HUGH special NONzine thanks to Hugh, Angie, Tribalbot, Phil at LiT, Paul (and crew), and the other models in this shot to the right.

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