Vol. 3, Issue #19 Oct. 10th - Oct. 23rd, 2008

Interview with Jim F.T. of Amalgam Imgigma Records
on the release of Tulsa's Sir Threadius Mongus

We contacted Amalgam Imgigma Records recently to discuss scheduling an interview to promote the forthcoming album from the well-known Tulsa act, Sir Threadius Mongus. A CD Release show to celebrate the album This Is Sir Threadius Mongus is scheduled for October 11, 2008, at The Blank Slate in Tulsa, and everyone involved believed that an interview in NONzine would be an ideal. However, as is prone to happen, plans changed.

The production team known merely as BEN.BEN. has submersed itself and the Amalgam Imgigma staff into an all-consuming project. Rather than disturb the progress of the work, representatives at Amalgam Imgigma have made available to us a complete recording of an interview with Amalgam Imgigma figurehead Jim F.T. that was originally intended to appear in a now defunct arts publication.

NONzine is grateful to the representatives of Amalgam Imgigma Records for providing us this valuable source of commentary and insight. We present to you, the reader, a rather illuminating excerpt from that interview.

Eddie Ted Wrighter: Jim, we’re approaching the release of This Is Sir Threadius Mongus, the first release from your new record label. So, for all of us who don’t know the mission statement, what are you guys up to?

Jim F.T.: Well, we’ve already begun work on New Stone Works, the first wide-release project by BEN.BEN. In addition, we have been digging into the archives of two more exciting ensembles, Shuffle Band and The Night’s Bright Lights, with plans to produce their debut albums. BEN.BEN. has also been negotiating the waters to produce a highly anticipated Buzzy Wuzzy Fuzzy album, In the Shadows. We have prepared a libretto for Mingus Continental. We are—

ETW: Sorry to interrupt Jim, but what I mean is, tell us what on Earth you are really up to on a larger scale. What is your mission statement?

JFT: Oh, well of course. Our primary function, or foundation, is to promulgate the information that is in the minds of Is Unis Om Muavé, a group of individuals that serve to compose a concrete reaction to the epochs of Earth culture, across thousands of years—including the revisions and obfuscation. We aim to effect a metaphysical, emotional, and entheogenic response to various stimuli, culminating in an occurrence known as The Unwind, which is covered in more detail in our company literature. In the meantime, we aim to release, at certain critical and strategic points in socio-cultural development, certain musical efforts that will aid these individuals in their journey toward and through The Unwind, with the idea of awaking in people the very strings of existence that run through us all. Unwind your Spine. We are opening up the Hall to all. We are laying the groundwork for the Rainbow City. All sorts of consciousness-raising projects…We are developing tech-theological inventions through our R & D Department. Wouldn’t you love to see sound… The true nature of the Universe?

ETW: That’s quite a lot to throw at people don’t you think?

JFT: Well, I thought you were asking for it. Would you like to go back to the events and album releases?

ETW: Sure. Tell us about the Sir Threadius Mongus bit. Tell us about that and why names that are so difficult to remember? I mean, people have a lot of noise coming at them. Why make it so hard?

JFT: Sometimes the harder you work for something the more you get out of it. We are a pleasant reminder of that in these days. Sir Threadius Mongus? The meaning inherent in that name is completely fantastic… mesmerizing! Transcendental! I of course cannot assume credit or blame for all of the eponyms, but we believe a name should mean something. How often is a name something to be thrown away like some candy wrapper? How often will a marketing scheme pander to your latest fears or hopes? We aim for something that will transcend the static, and Sir Threadius Mongus challenges us to maintain that standard.

ETW: So you’re setting a pretty high bar, and it’s not just an ideal. There’s a standard of play as well.

JFT: Indeed! Annie is the bees knees, isn’t she? I think she’s found a unique home for her voice. And the band itself contains a mountain of talent. I mean, you’ve got the gold guitar, the sweat dripping onto the strings, bending the sound of the Unwind itself! You’ve got the swaying and swooning through the labyrinthine compositions with a rhythm section creating an electrifying and propulsive energy that’s sure to raise anyone’s brow from the bottom of their martini glass. How can your consciousness not be raised? I mean, really: who on Earth plays like that? Those who are a part of it are often changed and aren’t likely to ever forget it.

ETW: Anything else on that end for the average music consumer that may be embossed in mp3 downloads?

JFT: Well, we’re not producing wallpaper. This isn’t mere product that goes well with dinner. If you want a musical experience that will introduce you to something you’ve never considered before, and will likely make you think about your relationship with your music, then this will satisfy that need. Stylistically, make no mistake that swing is the thing with these kids. But Sir Threadius has a force and rawness to it that distinguishes it from your average recipe. They are the closest thing in a while I’ve seen that attempts to expand upon what Duke Ellington called “the music of freedom of expression.”

ETW: What are your plans for the album release?

JFT: Well, the show should be stellar. Folks haven’t seen them in their hometown since Dfest, so it will be more than an album release. It should be a celebratory performance as well.

ETW: Well thanks, Jim. I’ll be looking forward to getting my photo pass.

JFT: You know you’re welcome.


Sir Threadius Mongus:
This Is Sir Threadius Mongus CD Release Celebration

October 11, 2008

Blank Slate - 1st & Detroit in Tulsa

Tickets $5. All ages. No smoking. General admission with seating.
Doors open at 8pm. Shows at 9pm and 11pm.
Featuring Annie Ellicott (vocals), Jeff Davis (guitar), Jonathan Taylor (drums), Matt Hayes (bass), and Cris Foster (keyboards).
For info: www.myspace.com/sirthreadiusmongus

BEN.BEN.: New Stone Works CD Release Celebration
December 21, 2008, at the Blank Slate.

For info: www.myspace.com/benbenpresents

Amalgam Imgigma Records: www.amalgamimgigma.com

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