Vol. 3, Issue #8 April 18th - March 1st, 2008

Nompton.com: New Art & Music Networking Site for Nomptonites...
By: Bill Peckdeckler

Nowadays the Internet has made it possible for anyone to promote themselves. There are several networking sites to choose from. But sometimes it’s possible to feel disconnected. Being a member of MySpace is much more ostracizing than being a part of a local community. Especially when you want to discover and share things that happen in your town. That’s exactly why Nomptonite Dylan Johnson started Nompton.com.

“I wanted to build a place where the food, music, bar scene, and art of Norman could live,” Johnson said “I think there are a lot of great people, art, and places in Norman and I thought it would be great if there was a way for everyone to go to one place and share and network with one another. There is just so much talent here.”

Johnson (who founded and created the site) was right to think the residents of Norman were itching for such a site, because it has been an unofficial success.

“The response has been overwhelming. We had nearly 3000 hits in the first week without officially launching or promoting the site. I think that says a lot about how eager people in Norman are to share and discuss the art and social scene in their community.”

Anybody can contact the site about promoting their art or business. Johnson simply wants to help locals get their stuff out there.

“Don’t get me wrong, I want to make an advertising revenue from local businesses and bars, but I in no way look to profit from the artists, whether they be a painter, filmmaker, or musician. I want to help them share their work. And soon we’ll feature a sports page, too.”

Once the Nompton.com is more complete and more artists and businesses make their presence known on the site, the creators plan to start stamping their favorites with the Nompton.com Seal of Approval. Those lucky enough to receive Nompton.com seal will get more than just self-promotion out of the website.

“I want being Nompton.com approved to be something that’s special and only attainable through true, undeniable talent. Anyone can get their stuff on the site, but once you’ve received the seal then we will do more for you. Like feature articles and post your events on our calendar.”

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