Vol. 2, Issue #5 March 30th - April 12th, 2007

By: Graham Lee Brewer

With the extraordinary amount of press they have received lately, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Stillwater novelty pop wonders Colourmusic. With only a couple EP’s and a couple years under their belt they have amassed quite a potent buzz recently, appearing on Wayne Coyne’s SXSW segment on The Tonight Show, getting a write up in Esquire, chosen for TeenVogue’s top ten of ‘06, a Billboard mention, L.A. radio circulation, and last but certainly not least, getting nestled under the wing of Scott Booker’s management company Worlds Fair.

“Working with Worlds Fair is great. Everyone there is very cool and very Okie, so there’s no East Coast/West Coast anxiety,” Roy (an official spokesman for the band or a random Internet vagrant? whose to say?) said, “They’re quite artist oriented, but they want you to blow them away. Which is the right kind of challenge for our band. We get a lot of help from Scott Booker, he actually has an instruction manual he gives out to new bands. It’s made up of ten chapters and at the end of each chapter is a test. We’re still on chapter two.”

The band is currently speaking with Booker’s label, Great Society, but Roy has some reservations. “We are with World’s Fair and are negotiating with Great Society, but I have a big problem with their stance on how marriage should be defined, and it’s just been a big moral challenge.”

Aside from his statement, which is ambiguous on several levels, things are looking up for Colourmusic. They’ve become one of those locals bands that you’re lucky to have around. You know, a band you can throw in people’s faces that don’t live here. ‘Oh really, you’ve got a good scene? Well Colourmusic, Starlight Mints, and The Flaming Lips play in my backyard.’

“We never stop working,” Roy said, “Right now, we are in talks with our Engineer Craig Alvin, who is without a doubt the unsung engineering genius in this state, and we’re looking for some fresh sonic landscapes to occupy.”

Colourmusic will be playing with fellow odd ball geniuses It’s Hysterical at The Opolis in Norman on April 6. It’s Hystericals belligerent ballads mixed with surprisingly gracious moments should mirror Colourmusic nicely. This promises to be a trenchant combination and a damn fine show.


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